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Custom Designer Sunglasses- When You Need Something Above The Ordinary!

Promotional sunglasses are trendy and practical gifts that will make consistent billboards for marketers. Every time the sun comes out, your message will enjoy a wide angle display. Customize these trendy eyewear items to go well with your promotional theme and message and see how your competitors go green with envy!

When you need something above the ordinary, your search will undeniably lead you to our custom designer sunglasses. Check what is hot on the fashion scene and make your pick from some of the iconic fashion sunglasses including the classic Blues Brothers, the awe inspiring Navigators or sporty Bole Phoenix sunglasses at easy rates.

If you were under the notion that designer sunglasses continue to be the privilege of the well heeled users and movie icons, you could be in for a surprise. Browse our constantly updated repository of the hottest sunglasses that will ensure that you never miss out on what is new in fashion trends!

Here are some of the red hot designer sunglass models that you cannot overlook.

Soleil Sunglasses with 6 Colors: Available in 6 vibrant colors, these designer sunglasses will make a perfect tradeshow handout or summer promotional gift. Made of polycarbonate material, these mirrored lenses sunglasses attract attention with their two-tone design. UV400 lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection against the sunlight.Promotional Soleil Sunglasses with 6 Colors

Designer sunglasses for women: A great summer gift idea to promote women fashion brands and social causes, these shades will not just nudge up the style quotient of the users, but also offer great protection from UV radiations. These will go well with all types of dressing styles and will make a fabulous party accessory as well. Your women patrons will simply love to don these stylish shades to beaches, work places and picnics and for upping their style. The UV400 lenses of these sunglasses will make it a perfect summer promotional item.Customized Designer Sunglasses for Women

Customized Sprint Sunglasses: Great for the sports tracks and fashion circuits alike, these designer sunglasses will literally sweep your recipients off their feet in no time. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these matte black wrap style sunglasses with polarized smoke lens will make your brand the talk of the town. These 100% UV protected sunglasses are great for beach events, concerts and fairs.Customized Sprint Sunglasses

Gone are the days when designer sunglasses were something that ordinary users can only dream about! Browse our collection and make your recipients feel right on top of the world with these custom items that most people fancy.