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Flattering Sunglasses For The Modern Bride

Wedding sunglasses are available in dime a dozen models and colors to match every single theme and destination. From the time tested choice of classic sunglasses to the gaudily colored neon sunglasses and the sun loving bride’s favorite choice of Malibu and everything in between, we at sunglassville have a range of custom shades that will make every bride and her friends’ super cool on the wedding day.sun-bride

So, all the pretty ladies out there can brace yourself as we unveil some of the most flattering sunglasses ever for you!

Be sure with navigators
You can never go wrong with these masterpieces of navigator sunglasses. If you are one of the countless brides who doubt whether these shades will match well with their wedding dress, you could be in for a surprise. No matter whether you are planning a colored wedding gown, a ball gown, A- line gown or a Trumpet, these custom sunglasses will make a perfect fit. A simple pair of dark navigators will work its magic on your wedding profile and will go well with the light colored gown.Maverick Customized Sunglasses

For a girlie theme
Navigators are super stylish but have a brawny look. So, if you are planning to wear something very girlie, frames like Oahu sunglasses will ensure a subdued look and a softer appeal.Custom Clear View Oahu Sunglasses - Pink

Oriental theme
Planning to wear a kimono or something quirky for your destination wedding? Malibu sunglasses will go well with virtually any type of dress. So, if you have been dreading at the thought of sporting these with your oriental style of dressing, it is time to chill out with these perfect shades that will help you steal the limelight easily. You don’t have to be a celebrity to try out something new as you are the star of the day and the choices are all yours. Try this one for sure and you will be surprised that nobody is even looking at the groom!Custom Printed Malibu Wooden Sunglasses

Neon sunglasses for friends
No wedding can be complete without the boisterous gang of chirpy ladies and your best friends who will add up to the milieu and make the bride feel at home and relaxed. Check out our interesting range of neon sunglasses that will make them super cool as they cuddle around for photo shoots and add lot of tomfoolery and mischief to the party scene. Not for the faint hearted, these sunglasses in outlandish colors will add specks of brilliance and color to the party. It doesn’t matter whether the wedding is indoor or at the beach side, these trendy sunglasses will make everyone look surreally beautiful.

Retro sunglasses
Recreate the 50s or 60s charm with these simple retro sunglasses. Imprint your initials, love quotes or messages and see how these glasses will make perfect wedding favors. These will look good on every dressing style or frames. Turn a few heads and make your guests miss their heartbeat with these super stylish sunglasses and they are going to remember your wedding day for one more reason for sure.Customized Red, White & Blue Malibu Glasses

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