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Tips to Choose Fashion Sunglasses that can wrap Quick Attention

Sunglasses and clothes strike a deadly combination and one cannot do without either of them. Over the eyewear patterns have evolved for good and they have easily coalesced into fashion scene with a bang. If you are planning to make heads turn with sunglasses, then here are some things, which you should keep in mind.

Fashion Sunglasses

Face Shape – This makes a great deciding factor in choice of sunglasses. If you have a:
• Oval Face – People with this facial feature can carry any sunglasses with aplomb. Rectangular, square and other geometric shapes can accentuate the right facial features.

Avoid large frames because it will subdue your facial features.
• Square – People with square shaped faces can look good with oval sunglasses or round sunglasses. They can create fashion statements by wearing butterfly shaped glasses. Also, sunglasses with center set temples or temples connecting top of sunglasses will look on these people.

Avoid square or other geometric shaped frames because they can bring unwanted attention to face.
• Oblong – People with oblong facial features can always go for glasses with decorative temple, or broad glasses possessing accented top rim and tall frames.

Avoid short frames because they can accentuate wrong facial features.
• Heart – People with heart shaped facial features can always go for oval shaped frames or frames that are heavy at the bottom or frames with low set temples.

Avoid wearing frames with decorative temples and frames that are heavy at the top.
• Round – People with round facial features can always go for horizontal sunglasses or rectangular frame sunglasses because they help to accentuate the facial features in good way.

Avoid wearing short frames because they can spoil the facial features.
• Diamond – People with diamond shaped faces can always try wearing oval sunglasses and rimless sunglasses because they make up for the facial abnormalities in a best possible way.

Avoid wearing narrow frames.
• Triangle Shaped Faces – People with triangular faces can always opt for semi-rimless frames, or top heavy frames.

Avoid low set temples and narrow frames because they will bring attention to the wrong areas of face.

Skin Tone – Generally skin tones are classified as cool and warm.
• People with cool skin tone have undertones of pink or blue.
It is wiser to select sunglasses with black, blue, brown, magenta and plum colored frames.

• People with warm skin tone have undertones of yellow or gold.
It is wiser to select sunglasses with copper, peach, orange, gold, white or tan frames.

Fashion Sunglasses

Event – This factor adds validity to your choices. It is very important to judge the event before you cast your choices. If you are rushing to some private gathering then it’s better to choose retro styles or fashionable sunglasses with difference. If you are making it to the themed parties then it’s better to go for frames with choicest shapes (Valentine’s Day special sunglasses in heart shaped frames, Halloween Day special sunglasses with horrifying frames). If you are making it to some sober gathering hosted in remembrance of someone, or some business purpose then its best to go for classic theme sunglasses.

Remember the choice of what you wear totally depends on how you wish to be known in public eye. So, think of the above mentioned choices before making a purchase decision.