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6 Interesting Ways To Use Custom Sunglasses To Promote Your Business

Custom sunglasses are one of the most popular items to make your brand stand out and well spotted. Loads of fun and fashion, sunglasses are something not many people can resist. Add a personal touch to these ever popular outdoor staples with your message, artwork or taglines and see how your brand will turn into the hottest talking topic in town. The best part is that custom sunglasses will add a fashion statement with your brand elements to your clients.

Custom Printed Kids Classic Sunglasses w/ 13 Colors

Custom Sunglasses can be used in countless ways- Right from mailer gifts to store promotional items and more. However, if you are looking for some quirky yet clever ways of using custom sunglasses, here are a few tips.

For campus events: Fraternities and sororities will find custom sunglasses to get their message out during parties and campus events. Sunglasses make excellent fund raising items thanks to the low price factor and high popularity. Sunglasses will get lapped up the moment they are up for grabs and you raise funds faster than you thought. Your message and artwork on these will get a lot of attention. People will be curious to know more about it and start talking about it!

Tradeshows: Tradeshows bring in huge crowds and the best freebies make the best crowd pullers. So, if you are looking for a low cost tradeshow swag that everybody will simply love, there can’t be a better choice than custom sunglasses. Lightweight and easy to store and distribute, sunglasses win hands down as tradeshow staples for sure.

Back-to-school promotions: Back to school promotional items need not be confined to school bags and pencil sets. Kids need UV protective sunglasses more than grown- ups as their eye lenses are not fully evolved to prevent UV rays from entering. Customize these sunglasses with your brand and message; we bet the fashion conscious kids will be too happy to be your brand ambassadors.

Movie premieres: Use custom sunglasses to promote movies and film festivals to reach out to your massive audience and to get your message out quickly.  It makes a budget friendly way to ensure a high pitched whirl wind promotion that will ensure a perfect spring board to get your movie promoted.

Sign up gifts: Hand out sunglasses in exchange for email signups during outdoor events. It will make a great way to make new prospects and to build up an impressive customer contact list. Your brand and message will inspire them to get in touch with you more often as well.

If you have more such ideas to employ custom sunglasses in your promotions, please feel free to share it with us at the comments section below.