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Custom Sunglasses – Happy Customer Stories

A happy customer is the biggest asset for any business organization. We share our customers’ happiness with our audience by regularly updating their success stories and promotional experiences. This week, we are sharing the customer story of David Petrie who helps people to plan their outdoor holidays and adventure trips. After a brief winter lull, Petries wanted to build up a buzz for his tour packages and spring break special deals by handing out an appropriate custom gift for his regular customers and prospective clients.

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On a lazy Friday afternoon, he dropped in to our office for some smart sunglass gift ideas. Being a company that caters solely to outdoorsy clients, there were no two opinions about the best possible gift item. It was indeed custom sunglasses. However, with an overwhelming range of models on offer, he was not sure how to go about it and wanted some friendly tips from our experts.Promotional Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

We asked him the three basic queries that we need to know to suggest the best possible option.

  • The type of his target audience: He told he often gets a mixed audience comprising of both men and women in all age groups.
  • His budget: He was looking for a budget friendly pair of sunglasses that should still look classy and interesting
  • The type of campaign: He was planning to run a store promotional drive in conjunction with a mailer campaign.

Now that we got a clear idea of what he expects from his marketing campaign, we suggested custom Malibu sunglasses as an ingredient for his marketing mix.  UV resistant, trendy and hugely popular, Malibu sunglasses have been outdoorsy people’s delight. People who lead an active lifestyle need UV resistant sunglasses that will keep their eyes safe from UV risks and make their jaunts easy.

Malibu sunglasses are offered in various interesting models like the bottle opener sunglasses or color changing sunglasses that went well with the fun and adventure activities that they offer. After exploring the different models, he decided to buy two different models as his promotional sunglasses.

His first choice was Silver Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses offered in several vibrant colors. It will reduce the glare of sunlight during road trips and make a great choice during hiking and trekking trips and beach events. He wanted us to customize these with his logo and the tagline “Spring Vibes” on the sunglasses to make it complement with the spring season promotions. These polycarbonate sunglasses with UV400 lenses indeed made a great choice.

By choosing Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses as his second custom gift, he wanted to drive up the party feel of his promotions. His recipients will surely love these sunglasses as both bottle openers and a trendy pair of shades. Every time they pop open the chilled beer during their outdoor holidays, they will be reminded of your brand and message for sure. The tagline and the brand looked really cool on these sunglasses. Petries was really impressed by his promotional swag and promised to come back to have a detailed look at our collection of custom sunglasses.

Be the first to share the post and spread the word among all the sunglass fans out there. Till we come back with another story, stay tuned.