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6 Reasons Why Custom Sunglasses  Are Not  Seasonal handouts

Sunglasses and summer outdoors may go hand in hand. But did you know sunglasses are for all four seasons and make a perfect handout all round the year? Here are some promotional ideas involving sunglasses that will fit your marketing puzzle.


  1. College Campus Favorites

Reach out to the fashion savvy college kids who lead a proactive life style and  pursue tons of outdoor activities. Super cool and active, campus students will make your message popular and widely shared.  Just imagine the exposure your brand will get during events like fraternities, sororities and fund raising events tin colleges.

Highly functional and popular, sunglasses will make great event items for the youth while it makes a great vehicle to get across your message to a wider audience.

Solid Classic Sunglasses

  1. Movie premiere handouts

Cine goers are fun loving and will be pleased to get a stylish pair of sunglasses for free. Any freebies can get the fanfare going and that is what makes movie festivals and premiers a great place for handing out free sunglasses. The big plus – sunglasses will go far beyond the venue and make a great talking topic for the audience. Choose fashion models like polarized sunglasses and mirrored sunglasses among others that will easily tug the hearts of the young audience.

Custom sunglasses are easy to customize. You can imprint the movie name, taglines, or artwork on these to grab easy attention of the audience.

Sun Ray Sunglasses - Electric

3.As Tradeshow Swag

Custom printed sunglasses make great tradeshow swag to engage your attendees with your brand. Interesting and budget friendly, these freebies get quick attention and people will be clamoring for their pair of free sunglasses. Light weight and compact, sunglasses are easy to distribute and store as well. Make use of the irresistible customization options to make your brand stand out.

Sunglasses are likely to be worn by people for a long time to come and are never stored away. So, your message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation. The bonus- Sunglasses are required to be used outdoors, which will increase your brand’s reach.

Sun Ray Mirror Sunglasses

4.Sign up gifts

Get more people sign up for your event or emails with custom sunglasses. Signup events often are time consuming and hard to execute as people may walk off without paying any attention. Popular freebies like sunglasses will not just attract the crowd, but will give them a payoff for taking their time to stop.

Custom sunglasses make a great way to attract potential contacts during outdoor events. They will happily sign up for the offer as they find sunglasses something too good to let go.

Glossy Sunglasses

5.Back to School  promotional gifts

Small children need sunglasses more than grown- ups to stay safe from UV risks considering their highly sensitive eyes. Spread awareness on the need to wear sunglasses while your brand gets the attention of school kids and their families. These make great handouts during school spirit rallies, fund raising events and more.

Sun Ray Matte Sunglasses

  1. Nobody Can Have Too Many Custom Sunglasses

Everyone will need multiple pairs of sunglasses in their life- different types of it! While driving, during picnics, camping or even the backyard party. Even if they forget or misplace a pair, the show must go on.

Sun Ray Crystal Sunglasses

Holidays are so boring without a pair of shades for most people. So, any time your recipients get a pair of sunglasses they will be pleased to grab it while your message gets their eyes. Sunglasses are available in a wide range of models, which makes it easy for you to choose a crowd pleasing model for your attendees.