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 Custom Polarized Sunglasses- Traveler’s Best Companions

Polarized sunglasses are simply great for road trips, sports adventure, cruise holidays and infact wherever you are likely to get exposed to UV rays.  Forget about those stinging sunrays that hit the eyes and make you squirm and squint! Polarized sunglasses are great options to stay safe from the glare of sunlight that gets reflected off any surface including water or ice.

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Offered in various colors and models, polarized sunglasses are designed for both safety and style. Travel and tour companies, adventure tour operators and camp sites can consider handing out these logo items as their promotional items. While the users will have some great travel snaps that will gain a straight entry into the yearly photobooks, your brand will get the undivided attention of the world outside.

Serengeti Isola Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses with UV resistant lenses first became popular with boaters and fishermen, who acquired complete protection from the sun’s glare coming from the surface of the water.  However, these days it has evolved to be a hot fashion choice among everyone.

Normal UV sunglasses provide you only protection against harmful UV rays. Polarized sunglasses on the other hand have a laminated filter, which can block not just UV rays of the sun but reduce the effect of intense glare, which can compromise the quality of vision or cause temporary blackouts.

Polarized Malibu Sunglasses

What polarized glasses do?

Polarized sunglasses have filter lenses that will reduce the glare of light reflected of smooth surfaces and objects. These will ensure clear visibility to the users while keeping their eyes protected from glare. Polarized sunglasses are great choices for fishing holidays and skiing as these will enhance depth and color perception of the users.

Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses

Who will find these useful?

Polarized lens fitted sunglasses are great for outdoor travel, trekking, sports days and more. These make a great addition with prescription sunglasses as well.

Where NOT to use Polarized sunglasses?

These sunglasses are a great choice for outdoors and are not recommended to wear at night or when operating LCD screen devices. Because sunglasses need some light to kick off its glare reduction mechanism, it is safe not to wear these sunglasses in low visibility conditions or while viewing LCD screen.

Now For Some Pros and Cons Of Polarized Sunglasses

  • Visual Comfort: Polarized lenses ensure more visual comfort by cutting down the glare and allowing you to view objects even in very bright light.
  • Vision Clarity and Color Contrast: Polarized sunglasses are great choice to view under water bodies and color contrast, which makes these sunglasses a perfect choice for activities like skiing and angling.
  • Reduces Eyestrain: Frequent adjustments to  the glare outside will put pressure on the eyes, which can cause eye fatigue and other complications.
  • Color Contrast: Polarized sunglasses will make it easy for the users to differentiate between various colors.
  • Reduce Reflections: Ground reflections and glare can seriously interfere with your vision. Wearing polarized sunglasses can go a long way in resolving your refractive errors of vision.

 Cons of Polarized Sunglasses

  1. Not suitable for viewing LCD Screens: Polarized lenses may make it difficult to view LCD screens because the images may appear distorted at certain angles. For the same reason, pilots or heavy machine operators are recommended not to wear polarized lenses while at work.
  2. Difficulty in Operating ATM: Polarized sunglasses may make it difficult to operate an ATM or view its screen.

If you drive, ski, fish or spend time in the blazing sun, polarized sunglasses will make a great difference. Apart from increasing the quality of vision and reducing eye fatigue, polarized sunglasses enhance the style statement of the users as well. It will indeed make a great choice whenever the sun’s rays cause discomfort and glare.

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