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6 Stealworthy Tips On Choosing Promotional Sunglasses For The Outdoor Season

Spring and summer season are the best times of the year to pursue your favorite outdoor activities like hiking or trekking. When most people set out on camping trips, biking trails or road trips, it will make a great opportunity for marketers to reach out to them by handing out gifts that matter to their outdoorsy audience.  Sunglasses will make a travel staple in the sunny weather.

6 Steal worthy Tips to Choose Promotional Sunglasses For The Outdoor Season

Here are some tips to choose the most appropriate sunglasses for your adrenalin loving audience.

Hiking and biking sunglasses

Do you have a very active audience group that love to indulge in adventure sports like biking or trekking? Choose polarized sunglasses that will block the UV rays and enhances the quality of vision even in blinding sunlight. Polarized Malibu Sunglasses that feature a polycarbonate frame and polarized lenses will make a great choice. Your brand and message imprinted on these popular shades will never get overlooked!

Promotional Polarized Malibu Sunglasses

For Sports days

Do you deal in sports goods or wish to sponsor a sporting event in your community? Look no further than sports sunglasses as your handouts to your sponsors, team and volunteers. You can even use these stylish sunglasses as fund raising items to raise money for booster clubs or charity sporting events. The tight wrap style sunglasses will keep the eyes well covered and prevent dust and small insects from getting into the eyes while on the track.   These UV400 Protected Sunglasses show off Silver frames with Smoke Lenses and make a great accessory with all types of dressing styles.

Custom Imprinted Sports Sunglasses

Now for some great tips to choose sunglasses for the outdoors

#1. Select Lightweight Frames

Choose a light weight frame like plastic that won’t weigh down on the outdoor users. Heavy frames will leave the users exhausted as they hike or bike through the rough terrain in hot weather. Lightweight frame is particularly useful when being active.

#2. Choose durable models
Plastic frames can face the rough and tumble of the outdoors with a wide grin. These are unbreakable and won’t cause damage to the users.

#3. Choose polarized models

The piercing sun rays can leave people squinting that could hamper vision. Keep the eyes comfortable and reduce eye fatigue with polarized sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the glare off rocks, snow, sand and water.

#4. Consider the Comfort factor

Plastic frames are easy to wear and comfortable and won’t come in the way of a hectic day outdoors or in the hiking trails.

#5. Choose UV sunglasses

It is important to pick up UV resistant sunglasses for your outdoor audience. Custom Malibu sunglasses will make a great choice to consider.

Personalized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses

#6. Feel the Curve

The best sunglasses for hiking and outdoor activities are those that curve slightly to the face and ensure added protection from the sides. Wrap around models make a great choice.

Now that you have some great tips to choose the best sunglasses for the outdoors, shopping for your custom gifts is a breeze. Hurry!