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Be Part Of The Movember Awareness Campaign With Custom Sunglasses

Movember is upon us! We have some great custom gift ideas for everyone out there who plan to show support prostate cancer research by raising as much money and awareness as we can! As the men plan to keep away from razor for 30 days and donate the money thus saved for this cause, non profits and businesses are coming up with interesting and engaging fund raising ideas in support of this cause which is held in the month of November every year. Be it organizing fun events like pin the stache or choose the best mo shape as the month progresses or handing out appropriate gift items in the theme of moustache or something masculine- the basic idea of the month is to raise awareness and funds too for the cause.


We at sunglassville are also doing our bit for Movember. While the XY clan in our office has decided to keep the beard on for a month (some of them to the displeasure of their girlfriends) the product department has stocked up a fresh supply of some interesting sunglass models and put up some adorable moustache cutouts!

So, here we go with some of the custom sunglasses for Movember events

Mustache Hype Black Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses Mustache hype black imprinted sunglasses can make you serious and funny at the same time. It makes a great giveaway for all types of promotional events in November. This delightful logo item can even make exciting party favors during birthday parties, disco parties and on all those joyous occasions. Show your customers how socially committed your brand is by handing out these moustache imprinted Malibu sunglasses. You can avail these imprinted sunglasses that will not just make your recipients look macho but will give your brand image a fillip.


Navigator sunglasses: A bold horse-shoe shaped moustache would smartly complement the matchless look of a pair of navigators to round off a perfect Movember look for your recipients. Every time they turn heads with their new look, your brand too will get a fair share of publicity. Go, for it and you would be surprised by the surge in the popularity that your logo glasses get by the end of the month.maverick-sunglasses

Retro sunglasses: It is amazing to note how easily a moustache can change the look of your face and the personality in general. Be it a street style moustache that curl up or the menacing pirate style mo or a lean patch of hair below the nostrils, anything is fair and good during Movember! Dude it up with these classic retro sunglasses and see how this trend is going to be a runaway hit! Imprint your logo, artwork or message and drive home the message in style.

Customized Red, White & Blue Malibu Glasses

We have a lot more trendy sunglass models that will go perfectly well with the brand new Movember look of your recipients. We bet, they will be tempted to make it their permanent style even after the month changes! Browse and pick a model for your Movember events and don’t forget to share your experiences and fun.