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Custom Kid’s Sunglasses As Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is one of the most important family festivals in US calendar where people gather to express thanks to God and their friends and family for all the blessings they received during the year. Though Thanksgiving is primarily about pumpkin pies and Turkey dishes, this day is equally popular for the tradition of gift exchange.


Business owners who are planning community events or schools hosting thanksgiving parties can think about personalized gifts that appease their recipients. Sweet delights like chocolates, mints, lollipops and cookies could all be good options for kids. But their parents may not be keen on this. So, why not think about some gift ideas that are fun and kids would never leave behind! Yes, you guessed it right! Sunglasses are something that no kid can resist. Imprint your message and brand on these custom sunglasses to add a personal touch. Kids often love to imitate their super heroes on silver screen or cartoon characters and like to put on the most trending sunglasses for that dashing look. But sunglasses are much more than fashion accessories. Studies show that in one’s life time, 80% of UV exposure in the eye happens before 18, so kids should be protected from UV rays. By choosing UV protected sunglasses, you can keep the kids safe from UV risks as well.

So, here are some of the kids sunglasses that the business owners would definitely find interesting. Though all of these models may not be ideal for a sunny day out, these will surely make a perfect item for the Thanksgiving goodie bags. Check it out

Kids Malibu Sunglasses Custom printed kids Malibu sunglasses that offer UV400 protection and assorted color choices make great fashionable sunglasses for kids between ages 7 -1 3. You can gift them year around though these are especially popular during festivals and special occasions.

Custom Printed Kids Malibu Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses – Assorted Colors: Make your kid appear like a rock star in these blues brothers’ kids’ sunglasses that complement most dresses. This sunglass offers high UV protection and is great for the outdoors.

Customized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

Kids Party Sunglasses Kids love these super cool shades the most as they know it’s going to get them noticed. These kids’ glasses can be favored in assorted colors and are easily distinguished by their colored frames circling dark lenses. Apart from being party favors, these can also be used to promote play stations, art & craft stores, recreation services, summer camps – who are rigorously trying to buy attention of their little customers.

Customized Kids Party Sunglasses

Kids Color Changing Sunglasses: Create a magical display of changing colors with these attractive sunglasses that will easily wow the kids. Schools or businesses can imprint their message and brand on these to leave a lasting impression in the minds of kids.

Custom Imprinted Kids Color Changing Sunglasses

Looking for more? Flip through our collection and your favorite sunglass model is only a few clicks away. Your little recipients are in for a pleasant surprise during this Thanksgiving. Shop right away!