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Beat The Sun; Not The Style With Budget Friendly UV Resistant Sunglasses

Spring is here and it is a great time for people to catch up on the outdoor fun they missed during winter. From pool parties to cook outs and beach picnics, there is a lot to do. So, no matter whether you are a marketer scouting for some perfect handouts for their tradeshows/ spring sale promotions or a party reveler looking for some trending party favors for their friends, custom sunglasses will make a great choice.

Why sunglasses

The pragmatists among our audience may ask why sunglasses?

  • Firstly sunglasses are something everyone uses – no matter whether you are a kid or kid at heart, a man or a woman, a pair of shades will round off the style of everyone with ease.
  • Secondly, sunglasses are budget friendly, which makes it a favorite choice among budget marketers.
  • Thirdly, sunglasses are light weight, handy and easy to distribute during events or mailer campaigns.
  • Last but not least, sunglasses never go out of fashion and will get used across seasons for a very long time and your brand will continue to make valuable impressions.

The best models to consider

Though there are no hard and fast rules in choosing the best sunglasses for your marketing mix, it is recommended to consider the UV resistant features if you are employing sunglasses as part of outdoor promotions. Get started with these budget friendly show stopping models that will cover up the sunlight not your fashion quotient.

For beach parties

Polarized Malibu Sunglasses will keep the reflection minimum and enhance the visibility during road trips and beach events. Put your brand on and your recipients will surely be pleased with this highly practical gift of the season.

Promotional Polarized Malibu Sunglasses

Woodtone Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses: Colorful and loads of fun, mirrored sunglasses will make a great way to pep up a basic outfit. Offered in a range of price points and models, these sunglasses will hide the eyes completely thereby adding a mystic charm to their personality. If you are a game for something a bit quirky, Silver Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses will make a great choice.

Custom Imprinted Woodtone Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses: Fashion runs in the blood for most people and for the hardcore navigator sunglass fans out there, we have a perfect pick for the sunny outdoors. Customize it to make it complement the occasion

For the sports fans

Spring is the season to soak up a heady dose of sporting fun. From baseball to soccer, hockey and golf, spring season has a crammed sports calendar to its credit. Half Frame Oahu Sunglasses is trendy, UV resistant and above all has a sporty charm that will make the users look good in their game day selfies! Cruiser Sunglasses will fit the bills of a perfect pairs of shades for the tail gating parties and game day thrills. UV resistant and casual, these logo items will never fail to make heads turn!

For Road trips that make memories!

Style and substance in equal measures- Custom printed Oahu sunglasses with spring hinge arms are great choices to impress the discerning customers. One size fits all and empowered with UV400 protection, these sunglasses will earn your recipients a few eyeballs for sure.

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