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8 Best Selling Personalized Malibu Sunglasses For Spring Promotions

Customized sunglasses will make your recipients UV safe, stylish and fashion forward. Your brand or artwork over these will always get the undivided attention of anyone who sees it. A stylish pair of sunglasses will make an engaging banter topic for your clients and employees, which will take your message further ahead.

Sunglasses make effective promo gifts

  • Light weight and handy: Gifts like sunglasses that are light weight and handy will get used regularly. Your brand imprinted on these logo items will get an incredible exposure among your recipients.
  • Budget friendly: Sunglasses are budget friendly, which makes it a perfect choice for mass promotions like tradeshows and mailer campaigns.
  • Versatile: Looking for a gift that will never look out of place anywhere? Custom sunglasses will be the best answer. Even if you have a speckled audience that is as different as chalk and cheese, sunglasses will tug the hearts of everyone and leave a lasting impression.

Malibu Sunglasses – The Favorite Of Outdoorsy Clients

The spring sunshine needs the right eyewear and we are happy to unveil the best selling UV resistant Malibu sunglasses for the warm outdoor season ahead. Take a look at these spring season favorites that will offer chic protection and an overdose of glamor. Ideal for a day at work, road trips or the beach, these sunglasses will never fail to impress the audience.

Complement the Spring theme

Spring is all about brilliant colors and post card pretty natural settings. Let your recipients complement their spring season style with these trendy Malibu Sunglasses w/ 21 Colors that will make a new fashion statement this season. Your brand on these stylish sunglasses will get a lot of attention for sure.

1 Day | Malibu Sunglasses w/ 21 Colors

Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses is another hot choice of the season to impress your audience. The shadow play of colors will impart a dramatic charm to these sunglasses that will look good with all types of apparels.

Its party time!

The warm sunshine and the welcoming outdoors will make a perfect party set up. Can there be a better way to celebrate a spring break than enjoying your favorite beverages? Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses will enhance the party fun and your brand visibility all at once.

Custom Imprinted Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Lens Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses: Grab easy attention of the world outside with these dramatic lens imprinted sunglasses that will leave a hypnotic effect. Imprint your message, artwork or party theme direct into the lenses to make your brand the center of attraction.

Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses: These classic sunglasses will make a delightful gift for everyone this season. Customize it with your message to make it unique and your recipients will surely love the attention they get!

Why can’t kids have all the fun?

Kids deserve their fair share of limelight this season. Check out these delightful Kids Malibu Sunglasses that are great for kids between ages 7 -13. Loads of fun and functionality, these sunglasses will make kids party ready in the truest sense.

Celebrate the destination Wedding season

Couples planning a picture perfect beach wedding will find these attractive Blue Stripes Hype White Lens Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses a great party favor. The blue stripes will complement the azure waters of the sea and surf and will make your brand well spotted. Your guests will surely love these unusual wedding favors that will earn a permanent place among their fashion accessories.

Blue Stripes Hype White Lens Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses

Malibu Wedding Sunglasses Assortment will make a delightful gift to send home your wedding guests for sure. Put your brand and message on these and see how these logo items will tug the hearts of everyone.