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Bigger The Better – Large Frame Sunglasses Are The Best!

Larger than traditional sunglasses, oversized sunglasses not just protect your peepers but your identity as well! No matter whether you are a celebrity that wishes to remain anonymous on the streets without being mobbed by fans or an average Joe who fancies an incognito mode, these stylish sunglasses will make a great choice.

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Bigger lenses equal more protection! Just big enough to mask your eyes and some part of your face without being overwhelming, these sunglasses will make heads turn easily. Perched on top of your head, these shades serve as a chic headband and help hold your hair hack. These will ensure more protection from sun than normal frames and reduce the risk of wrinkles as well.

Choose the right models

Choose the best style and size that looks good on your face. A size that doesn’t fit you is nothing short of a fashion sin. Everyone can wear these frames if they choose a size that compliment their style and face shape. Your pair should ensure good coverage under and around the eyes, and sit well on your nose without resting on the cheeks.

Classic Ladies Sunglasses

Here are some tips

  • The sunglasses should sit comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks. If it touches your cheeks, it means you need a smaller frame; these are too big for your face.
  • Make sure that your eyebrows are seen well. Position it in such a way that your eyes peek out from the center of the glasses.
  • The frames should not be wider than your face and the arms should rest comfortably over your ears.

Shapes matter

Choosing the right shape is important while choosing sunglasses

  • For round face angular frames like square or rectangular will be the best choice as these will make the face look narrower. Wide frame sunglasses are also a good choice. Avoid round glasses as these will only make it look more chubby and rounded.
  • Square shaped faces can use oval shaped, round frames or aviator type lenses that will soften the angular shape.
  • Oval face shape is considered as ideal, which means you can choose sunglasses in any shape.

Marketers can place their dime on oversized sunglasses to pack a punch to their fall season promotions. Anything imprinted on these will get a lot of attention while the users can enjoy anonymity and better protection from weather elements. Win- win!

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