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Why Is It Important To Wear Sunglasses Even In Autumn

Autumn is closing in! It is the time of the year when leaves change colors and people set out on camping trips, outdoor activities and BBQ fun. They take out long coats, knee-high boots, and wool scarves from their closet and put aside their summer staples like flip flops and T shirts. But sunglasses are something that moves across all 4 seasons as everyone needs a pair of UV resistant sunglasses to keep their eyes safe from UV rays and stay stylish.

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It is a common notion that sunglasses are needed only when the sun is high in the sky and is scalding hot. But the truth is that the invisible UV rays remain in the atmosphere all through, irrespective of the season. Infact the levels of UV rays actually increase during cold seasons like fall and winter because the sun is positioned low.

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Wearing sunglasses with UV protection will go a long way in protecting the eyes. Sunglasses also protect the eyes from dryness caused by chilly winds and low humidity. Choose from a wide range of sunglasses like UV resistant Malibu sunglasses, Oahu sunglasses or Navigator sunglasses that will protect the eyes and enhance the style quotient of the users.

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Why Wear Sunglasses in the Fall?

The sun is in your line of sight

During fall and winter, sun is closest to your field of vision. So it becomes essential to wear sunglasses during this weather even when the sun may remain hidden or the days are cold and chilly. Most people overlook this fact! Make sure that you shop for UV resistant sunglasses to stay safe and fashionable alike.

UVA/UVB rays are present in the atmosphere 365 days!

UV rays deeply can deeply penetrate your skin even on a cloudy and cold day. Consistent exposure to UV rays can cause cataract and other disease conditions and leave the skin around the eyes dried. By wearing sunglasses, you can easily stay safe.

Light and glare can lead to eye fatigue
Sunglasses will prevent glare and enhance visibility and color clarity during road trips and activities by water side or mountain slopes that reflect more UV rays.

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Prevent skin dryness and skin cancer

Sunglasses will protect the skin around the eyes from dryness and prevent wrinkles. It is recommended to wear sunglasses while going outside. The sun is always beating down and by protecting the skin around your eyes, you can stay safe to a large extent.  Did you know that 10% of all skin cancers occur around the eyes?

Prevent  Progression of cataract

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. By wearing protective eyewear regularly you can reduce the damage to your eye for a lifetime.

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