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Brilliant tips and  Gift Ideas To Welcome Back Your Team After The Lockdown

The pandemic has almost run its course and it is time for everyone to take stock of the situation and restart operations  in the new near normal world. The employees who have been away from office are ready to be back in the company of their peers. Business owners can think of some welcome back gifts and ideas that will surprise the team and make them pleased and well appreciated.

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Here are some great tips that you will find interesting

Rest and recreation ideas

The time many not be right for any rest or recreation right now as the employees returning from furlough may have to catch up for the lost time. However, a little relaxation and fun will go a long way in reducing anxiety and enhancing productivity of your employees. Consider spa day coupons, yoga studio memberships etc. You can even hire a masseuse to give employees chair massages. There can’t be a better way to get back to work after a long spell of seclusion and loneliness.

Work place happiness

Happiness is a state of mind and very often it cost nothing to create a happy ambience.  Businesses can think of various simple and budget friendly ways to enhance happiness of their team at work. It could be anything like streaming the favorite music while they work, offering extended lunch breaks or handing out a weekend getaway offer. Did you know that happy workers are 13% more productive than unhappy workers? Well that is another reason why you should consider some serious measures to leave your employees happy and smiling both at work and beyond!

Team building

As your employees are once again back amidst their team members, it is a great time to celebrate team spirit. Plan some interesting team building activities or performance-based awards and appreciation will all make your employees feel highly motivated, which in turn yields greater productivity.

 Flexible working hours

Flexibility at working hours and a friendly environment at work will go a long way in making the employees love their work and 100 % committed to their job

Celebrate achievements

 Boost the morale of your team with appreciation mailers for a job well done. Celebrate their milestones like work anniversary, birthdays or anything that deserves celebration with custom gifts, parties and fun.  Custom sunglasses will make a wonderful team gift to consider during summer.  Get your logo and message imprinted on these and every time your team members flaunt it during beach holidays, golf weekend and more. When employees feel that their employers care, they will be more committed to company success.

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How do you plan to support employees and boost employee morale during uncertain times. Share your thoughts and ideas with us on our facebook page.