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Custom Navigator Sunglasses- Spread The Word In A Fashionable Way!

If you are looking for a classic model that will never run out of trend, consider navigator sunglasses. Inspired by the original pilot sunglasses, these sunglasses will make a great way to get your message across. The characteristic tear drop shaped lenses and the thin metal frame will grab easy attention while your brand imprinted on these gets its fair share of publicity. Win-Win!

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Navigator sunglasses exude elegance and complement a multitude of campaigns and are great for all ages.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

Here are some great ways  to use navigator sunglasses

  • As fund raising items: These popular sunglasses are great as fund raising items for non profits. Everyone will be excited to be part of the social cause while they sport these stylish sunglasses that bear the stamp of social commitment!
  • For home coming events: Hand out these fashionable frames at homecoming events to spread school spirit. It is a great way to spread the word and make your institution popular.
  • As team spirit item items: Offered in various vibrant lens colors, these sunglasses also make a great for sports fans to wear at their favorite outdoor games and celebrate the home team colors!
  • Welcome bag items: These UV resistant sunglasses can be used as welcome bag gifts for beach resorts and cruise operators.
  • As parade giveaways: Chuck out the candy gifts at your next town parade and hand out personalized sunglasses. Offered in a wide range of fashion forward colors, these sunglasses will go well with the fun and revelry of the parades. These make great handouts for businesses and community organizations to spread their message to local citizens and make their logo popular.
  • As tradeshow swag: At trade shows, you can get your employees wear your branded sunglasses to make your team stand out in style. It will pique quick interest among the attendees and they will be tempted to know where to get these stylish shades- it is a great way to drive traffic to your booth!

Imprinted Navigator Sunglasses

Go bold with fun colors, or keep it subtle with classic frames that your prospects will wear every time they go out.  Available in various styles that fit your audience and complement your brand,  these custom sunglasses are something that are hard to miss.

Printed Black Frame Navigator Sunglasses

Nobody can ever have too many pairs of sunglasses! That is what makes them a value added gifts in any marketing campaign. Even if your recipients have sunglasses, they will love to have an extra pair any time so that they can keep it at their car, work desks or boat so that they will have their favorite sunglasses at the end of their arms wherever they go!

Flat Front Navigator Sunglasses

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