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Buying Guide On Promotional Sunglasses

Summer season is the best time to invest in interesting pairs of sunglasses for promotional purposes or even as party favors and props. The countless  models available may make the selection process quote challenging for marketers. This simple guide will help you choose the best custom sunglasses easily.

Choose the right model

Sunglasses  are available in  countless models at every price rate virtually . Get started by choosing a model that will resonate with your target audience . For instance, if you are reaching out to an active audience groups including hikers or bikers, models like polarized sunglasses, or UV resistant  models like Malibu sunglasses will make an appropriate choice.

Reports show that an overwhelming 9 people in 10 recipients are able to remember the branding; while 8 in 10 can recall messaging from at least one promotional product. Thus  investing in popular swag like sunglasses, will indeed make a  great choice for  marketers. It will also get their message across and engage the audience in a subtle way.


Branded sunglasses are popular across all age groups and demographics including students, employees, clients or anyone who loves the outdoors. So, when you may have a diverse audience group with varying preferences, crowd pleasing gifts like sunglasses will make a great choice.

Target audience

Further, make sure to spare a thought at the unique tastes and life styles of your target audience. Your outdoorsy recipients will love to get a great pair of sunglasses during outdoor events, game days, picnics or golf holidays. Choose UV resistant models to ensure maximum sun protection. . If you wish to reach out to clients that love outdoor activities like fishing or camping, polarized sunglasses will be a better choice. These are designed to reduce the glare of the light  and enhance the depth of vision and color clarity.


Limitless options

Sunglasses are even available in a wide range of models including ecofriendly models like bamboo sunglasses. Ideal as  handouts  for wedding, birthday parties and family reunion among others, these stylish shades are something to reckon with.  Laser engrave your logo and message on these stylish sunglasses to keep the party fun on for a long time. Best of all, marketers can save the planet with these fashionable eco-friendly sunglasses!

Bottle opener sunglasses are another great option to consider. These UV resistant shades will come to your aid not just to keep the eyes UV safe but also to pop the top of the bottles. The dual utility of  these sunglasses will indeed ensure dual brand exposure for your message. If  you  have a party centric crowd  to reach out to, these sunglasses will make a great choice.

Now that  you have  some super tips to go about the process of choosing the most appropriate sunglasses for your recipients, you can make a well informed decision.