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Promotional Sunglasses Your Customers Will Love to Wear

Sunglasses in any form, color and fashion are hotly popular in fashion circuits. Nobody can have enough sunglasses in their wardrobe ever! Still, we have shortlisted a few of the ever popular sunglasses that your clients will actually wear for marketers who wish to use custom sunglasses as their promotional tools.

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Read on and make a well informed decision when you need to have custom sunglasses for your upcoming events!

  1. Navigator Sunglasses

Navigator sunglasses are inspired by the world’s leading sunglasses trend set off by “Risky Business” and “Top Gun”. Popular among every genre of users, Navigator sunglasses are  budget friendly, stylish and a huge favorite among both men and women. These sunglasses are available in an enchanting range of models including mirrored models.

Versatile and fashionable, Navigator sunglasses will look equally good in the board rooms or during a day out in the greens or the beach! Get your logo imprinted on the frames or the lower part of lens to make it exceptional. These classic sunglasses will look good with both formal and causal dressing style and will make part of the elegant wedding trousseau!  Regardless of the model you choose, these sunglasses will boost the style sense of the users as they showcase your brand.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

Custom Malibu Sunglasses

UV resistant and offered in a bevy of fashion forward colors, Malibu sunglasses are typically seen all round the year. Be it on the beach, during road trips or  on a game day, these sunglasses will look good on just about any event you participate.

The light weight yet sturdy design of Malibu sunglasses is probably the winning card of these sunglasses. These trendy sunglasses  go well with any dressing style and theme as well. From color changing Malibu sunglasses, matte finish Malibu, two tone models and even floating Malibu – you have something special for all your needs.

Malibu Gaming Glasses are a perfect choice for gamers as these are designed to protect your eyes from screen glare.

Malibu Sunglasses with 21 Colors

  1. Wraparound Sunglasses

Wraparound sport sunglasses are making a great comeback in recent times. These have become hugely popular among everyone – right from movie stars to athletes! Anything imprinted on these popular shades will never be overlooked for sure. Though these sunglasses are more common on sports fields, these have evolved as mainstream fashion statements that have given a new definition to fashion. Anyone who likes to show off their macho image will find these stunning sunglasses a perfect pick!

These functional sports sunglasses designed to keep the eyes of the users safely protected from dust and UV rays have left its imprints in the style world too. Your recipients will wear these popular sunglasses because they are fashionable and not necessarily because they are sports personnel!

Turbo Wrap Custom Sunglasses

 Retro Sunglasses

Vintage never goes out of trend! Fashion trends are cyclic; every year we see a resurgence of the older style sunglasses. So, keeping a pair or two of vintage sunglasses will be a smart move to be prepared for the changing styles.

Lennon Round Sunglasses made famous by the Beatles’ John Lennon are  on a comeback trail Even the high street fashion magazines feature them as one of essential sunglasses for this Spring. These may not cover up the sun, but will show off your fashion credentials! From being an erstwhile hippie gear in the 70s, that they used to hide their hazy eyes, these sunglasses have become a vintage style power dressing item now.

Lennon Sunglasses

Retro branded sunglasses undergo quick changes; so it is always a smart idea to check with our product experts to know the trending models that your recipients will love. Choose from a range of models that fits your brand/budget.

Imprinted Retro Sunglasses

Unusual frames

Do you have an audience group with an unusual style sense? People who like to be unique and different in their dressing style?  If Yes, Oak Camo Frame Wrap Sunglasses will make an unusual yet great choice for those who love to different and have a good time.

Oak Camo Frame Wrap Sunglasses

Visor sunglasses is another choice. These sunglasses with an attached visor at its top will keep the sun out and bring the bold fashion sense out; great for game days and tail gate parties.

Another option is the pixel sunglasses that will make heads turn for a different reason! Lens imprinted sunglasses is another hot choice. Your message takes up almost all the space on the lens  to scream out your message while the users can show that they are in a mood for a bizarre sense of fashion- for a change!

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