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Clever Ways To Use Imprinted Sunglasses During Holiday Season

Personalized sunglasses have always been best hits in promotional circuits. Youthful, vibrant and useful, logo sunglasses will put your brand ahead among the competitors. The best part is that your recipients will simply love these trendy sunglasses to leave a fashion statement with your brand elements.

If you have been using custom sunglasses only as tradeshow handouts, mailer gifts or raffle prizes, here are a few cheeky ways for you to use sunglasses with logo. Get ready to be mobbed as we share these best kept secrets to use custom sunglasses in your holiday promotional mix.

Custom Printed Neon Sunglasses w/ 4 Colors

Corporate gifts: Sunglasses are a fun choice as corporate gifts. Your team will look dapper in these stunning pair of sunglasses and will carry your brand identity wherever they go. Did you know that a trendy pair of sunglasses will make a great talking topic in the social circles of your recipients?

Back to school promotional gifts: Welcome back the school students with a pair of sunglasses that will come handy to stay safe from the UV risks of the summer sun. Every time your little patrons wear these to picnics and camping your brand will get a lot of attention. Kids would love the glamour profile of sunglasses and will spread their excitement in their friends’ circles.

Fundraisers: Fraternities and sororities can use sunglasses as fundraising items. Nobody can resist these stylish accessories that will add a lot of fashion quotient and confidence to your personality. Put your brand on and get the world talk about it!

Movie promotional gifts: Sunglasses are born crowd pleasers, which will make them exciting handouts for promoting film festivals, movies or cultural events. Imprint your brand and message on these trending gifts and make the whole world turn your movie fans!

Email sign up gifts: The low cost advantage of sunglasses will make it a perfect choice as gifts in exchange for signups at outdoor events. Everybody will be keen to share their email address for this fabulous gift idea while you build up a high quality mailing address.

Team spirit items: Sell the items in your team spirit store or hand these out to your players as team spirit items. They will surely love to don these fashion accessories to drive up the team spirit and cheer the home team to victory. The best part is that these logo items will make a great game day souvenir for your recipients that they will cherish for a long time.

As charity incentives: Make the sponsors feel special by handing out these tokens of appreciation during charity events. Sunglasses will set off word of mouth publicity for your non-profit organizations when people see them. Go for it!

As coupon codes: Send a pair of imprinted sunglasses with a coupon code to your regular customers to bring them back more often to your stores. This will be a perfect strategy during holiday sales and special promotion deals.

Do you have more clever ways to use promotional sunglasses in brand promotions? If yes, do share with us at the comments section.