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Custom Printed Sunglasses – Time To Make Your Brand Shine!

Summer is the best time to get your message out and engage your outdoorsy audience with your brand. Promotional giveaways like custom sunglasses will make not just smart wearable products but a walking advertisement for your business as well.


Sunglasses are worn every day

What makes custom sunglasses a cut above the rest is the fact that these are used almost daily! Make use of the incredible branding opportunities on both the arms and even the lens of sunglasses to make your message part of the lifestyle of your audience. Your clients and employees will love to wear these trending custom sunglasses in their everyday life as these accessories not just offer UV protection but make a stylish style statement as well!

Oahu Sunglasses

No matter whether you hand these out at festivals, fairs or events, imprinted sunglasses make an excellent way to gain brand awareness. Offered in a wide range of models and colors, sunglasses offer a lot of exciting options to consider. Match it with your corporate colors and get noticed.

Style meets substance

Sunglasses offer something special for everyone. While UV resistant sunglasses like Oahu sunglasses keep eyes safe from the sun, polarized sunglasses with an antiglare coating will keep the eyes protected from the stinging glare of the sun outdoors while angling, driving or on a cruise holiday.

Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses with a tight wrap design will keep the eyes well protected from dust and debris and enhance the personality of the users. Popular not just in the sports venues but in corporate settings and fashion world, sports sunglasses make a great addition to your marketing plan.

Printed Island Wrap

Classic models like navigator sunglasses are evergreen fashion statements. The hallmark tear drop shaped lenses plus the thin metal frames make one of the universal symbols of glamor even today. Explore various interesting models like mirrored navigator sunglasses, flat front models and more to match your promotional theme.

Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses

Fun and out of the box!

Looking for something that is a wee bit different or offer a little bit extra?  Look no further than interesting models like color changing sunglasses or floating sunglasses that are designed keeping in mind the needs of the outdoorsy clients. Bottle opener sunglasses that come handy in not just keeping the sun out of the eyes but to pop the top of the bottle is another summer favorite.

Floating Malibu Sunglasses

Explore our complete line of sunglasses at a range of prices to cater for all types of budgets. Should you need more tips please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.