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What Makes Custom Sunglasses One of the Best in Marketing Tools

Nobody will ever think of starting their commute without a pair of sunglasses! Whether it is to look good, to hide the moonshine from the binge party or even to mask the emotions that swell in the eyes, sunglasses serve different purposes.

Sunglasses are indeed part of everyday life that will drive up their personality, enhance the driving experience on a sunny day and above all keep their eyes shielded from the harmful UV rays. The best part is that custom sunglasses turn outdoor leisure and travel into a delightful way to connect with your brand!

Caribbean beach background border

Caribbean beach background border

Any household may have over half a dozen or even more sunglasses to cater to the diverse needs of the family members. Everyone will have their favorite pair of shades for commute, for the parties and those long road trips!  Nobody can ever have too many sunglasses and it is this incredible popularity that makes it one of the most popular handouts ever.

Smooth-Touch Matte Sunglasses w/ 18 Colors

Sunglasses never go out of fashion nor will your recipients ever get bored of these stunning accessories- Win-win. Once considered a luxury, sunglasses are counted as a necessary item for everyone these days.  Whether as a fashionable accessory or a practical eye wear, sunglasses are everywhere. Just think of the exposure your brand imprinted on these sunglasses will get during daily commute, weekend trips, family visits, and holiday trips.

Marketers can find a brilliant marketing opportunity within the habits of their audience. The high user value plus incredible visual contact that sunglasses make, turns it into a perfect handout for all types of events and promotions.

Ultra Cool Beachcomber Assorted Neon Color Sunglasses

 Safety First!

Sunglasses with UV resistant lenses will make a perfect handout to show that you care for their well being. Choose from a wide range of frame colors and lens colors to match your theme or seasonal trends to get noticed. Explore our complete line of custom sunglasses including polarized sunglasses with antiglare coating, mirrored sunglasses and a lot of interesting models like floating sunglasses and color changing sunglasses.

Sun Ray Color Changing Sunglasses


Custom sunglasses offer a huge platform for promotional advertising and will get your message out there into the masses and will leave a lasting impression! The high retention plus visual contact that sunglasses make earn new leads in places where you have not reached before.

Floating Malibu Sunglasses

Add your logo, message and artwork on the high visibility space on frames or lens to make heads turn. Your message imprinted on custom sunglasses that stand for quality, utility and care will go a long way in enhancing your brand identity.

Browse through our great range of sunglasses today and find how effortless promotional marketing can really be!