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Custom Sunglasses: 4 Top Tips On Choosing The Best Styles

Summer promotions are in top gear for most marketers and custom sunglasses have yet again emerged as a popular custom gift in the marketing mix. If you’re considering investing in advertising your brand, imprinted sunglasses are an incredibly cost-effective way to spread your message.

Customized Blues Brothers Style Glasses with Clear Lens

While selecting imprinted sunglasses as marketing swag, make sure to choose a trendy model that your recipients will love to wear. Sunglasses are available in countless models and price points, which makes it easy for marketers to choose a model that matches their promotional needs.

Here are some tips that will help you get started.

  • Generous imprint area

Choose sunglass models with generous imprint area for you to place the message and artwork. Custom Oahu sunglasses is a great choice in this segment. Oahu style sunglasses inspired by the pop culture have always been one of our best selling models that are well sought for its fabulous printable temple. You can get the artwork imprinted on either the left or the right temples to ensure maximum attention of the audience and choose from either one color and two color imprints

  • UV resistant features

Now that you are shopping for custom sunglasses for summer and spring promotions, it is always recommended to opt for sunglasses with UV 400 lenses, which will shield your recipients from the harmful UV rays of the sun. There are several interesting models like Malibu sunglasses that look good on the beach, during road trips or picnics. It will give the dual advantage of getting the latest styles plus UV resistant features.

  • Superior quality

One of the standard features that people look for is quality. No matter how great a product looks, it will get trashed by your audience if the quality is not up to the mark. To get your message across and leave a lasting impression, offer your customers quality sunglasses that they would love to retain for a long time. Customize these with your brand and message to make it unique. Choose products that are made with high quality material to ensure long life and generate interest in your products. Handing out tacky products will do more bad than good as it can leave a blemish on your reputation. Do not bite the bait of settling for a low quality product to save a few marketing dollars and get your fingers burnt!  You can save money even with bulk deals even while ordering superior quality sunglasses.

  • Trending styles

Choose trending styles that people like to make sure that your custom sunglasses turn out to be popular accessories among your audience. Make sure that the sunglasses that you choose match the seasonal needs and the trending fashion attributes alike. Logo sunglasses are offered in a mindboggling range of models, colors and shapes that are trending all over the world. Make sure that the custom gift that you choose offer something special for your recipients. Bamboo sunglasses or floating sunglasses will all make quirky additions to your marketing mix this season.

Promoting your brand may turn out to be an expensive affair at times, which makes it inaccessible for start ups and budget brands. However with smart custom gifts like sunglasses you can easily enhance your brand presence in the local markets without breaking your budget. Sunglasses are popular, gender neutral and well received all round the year. So, when you are not sure about the gift that your audience will like or have a modest budget in hand, be confident with custom sunglasses and make your branding campaign a top hit.

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