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Custom Sunglasses As Earth Day Handouts

Earth Day – Celebrate Earth and be thankful for everything you have with Earth day campaigns and handouts. Stay grateful to all the bounties that our planet has given us, give back to the community and above all adopt eco friendly life style changes to make it sustainable.

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 Raise environmental awareness, protect our planet and have fun at the same time with custom sunglasses! Though a pair of sunglasses may not ring a bell as a possible Earth Day handout, it makes a great choice considering the popularity that sunglasses enjoy.

There can’t be anything like having too many sunglasses for anyone. Anytime, anywhere, sunglasses will get a warm welcome and high retention. Available in various models for adults and kids alike, custom sunglasses are ideal for schools, businesses, awareness campaigns, nonprofits, nature clubs and more. Customize these with ecofriendly tips, artwork or taglines to make people aware of the importance of being responsible for nature.

Rubberized Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses : Light weight and UV resistant, these sunglasses make heads turn with its vibrant lens color choices and mirrored design. Get your logo and message imprinted on these sunglasses to make it a great handout.

Rubberized Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Fashion Sunglasses: Fashionable and functional, these sunglasses will get your awareness message farther. Your recipients will love the attention they get while wearing these sunglasses while your  Earth Day awareness message grab a few extra eyeballs. Win- win!

Imprinted Fashion Sunglasses

Translucent Riviera Sunglasses: UV safe, gender neutral and stylish, these sunglasses will make a great handout for your message. Nothing imprinted on these trendy frames will ever get overlooked!

Translucent Riviera Sunglasses

 Kids Wood Grain Oahu Sunglasses: It is the responsibility of everyone to make kids aware of the importance of being environmental friendly from a very early age itself.  Pass on the baton of this social cause to children  by using these popular sunglasses that kids can’t get enough!

Kids Wood Grain Oahu Sunglasses

Color Changing Sunglasses: Can there be a better way to celebrate the colors and beauty of nature than these color changing sunglasses? Your audience will surely appreciate the idea behind these crowd pleasing sunglasses and will be inspired to support this social cause.

Printed Color Changing Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses make versatile and compact logo items that will fit your promotional plan with ease. Whether you choose to use it as mailer items, contest prizes or appreciation gifts for their ecofriendly tasks,  these handouts will  leave everyone impressed.

Reports show that human activities has been the single most reason for the  environmental degradation and global warming of this planet. It is time for everyone to come together to halt this by being aware and responsible in our behavior.

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