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Custom Sunglasses – The Smart Way To Market Your Business On Limited Budget

If you thought marketing isn’t an option because of your limited budget, you haven’t considered custom sunglasses yet. It is a fun way to get your business name in the public and garner attention.  Start-up companies can adopt low-cost marketing with these crowd pleasing custom gifts that will never fail   before progressing to larger campaigns. Plus with sunglasses , you can choose from a variety of designs and colors.

Untitled design (3)

Sunglasses are used many times a day and your logo will get consistent impressions. Your prospects will become so familiar with your brand that when they have any need in future, your company may be the first one that pops in their head!

 Here are some great ways to use custom sunglasses in your marketing mix.

As Tradeshow swag

Prepping for next tradeshow season?  Custom sunglasses are just what you need!  It can be used all round the year and sunglasses make a stylish way to flaunt your logo while your recipients get a glamorous makeover. Conventions and trade shows are great places to network and promote your business and by handing out imprinted sunglasses as swag you can literally draw the attention of everyone around to your message. Ideal for all age groups and tastes, sunglasses will give the best value for your promotional dime.

Irresistible store promotional items

Planning a milestone event or a special promotional event?  Make sure to hand out custom sunglasses as gifts to your attendees. It will drive up the beauty of your special event further. Your customers will love to show off these shades on their instagram pics! So, just imagine how easily your message gets viral.

Pixel Glasses Assortment

Fund raising items

Show your support for a social cause , increase your support base and spread the word with custom sunglasses.  Fashionable and functional, sunglasses have always been a hot selling fund raising item. How can anyone say no to these style boosters afterall?

Team spirit items

Get your crew decked up in team colors and put their team pride on display with  these trendy imprinted sunglasses; great handouts for corporate football weekend, golf holidays, little leagues and a lot more.

Imprinted Surfer Sunglasses

Mailer items

Make your newsletters and business communication interesting with custom sunglasses.  You can choose from a wide range of models including classic sunglasses to neon sunglasses, sport sunglasses and novelty sunglasses among others.

Mirrored Lens Classic Neon Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

As handouts at the billing counter

Keep  a handful of custom sunglasses  at the billing counter for your audience to take. It will make a nice  gift to  make them feel special while your brand can follow them wherever they go!

Translucent Sunglasses

As your business cards!

Business cards are essential and traditional tools to get your brand name out. Dare to be different by replacing conventional cards with these freebies that bear your message and contact details. By putting your logo on sunglasses, you can tempt your prospects to take a closer look at your message!

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