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Custom Sunglasses As Team Spirit Items- Everything You Need To Know

Sunglasses are not just sun protection items or style boosters, these make a great swag to highlight your team spirit as well! Choose from navigators, neon sunglasses or classic styles. Customize it with your high school mascot, anthem or artwork to make it a perfect team spirit item on a budget. Whether you wish to use it in team spirit rallies or even school reunions or sports days, these sunglasses will never be missed! No matter what your color is, we have them all, including glow-in-the-dark.

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School spirit rallies and events give a lot of elbow room to try out your creative tips and make it the best. Whether you want a pair of sunglasses that accompanies a dressed-up look, or something colorful that stands out, you can put on your creative caps to think of something unique.

Here are some tips

If you’re into saving the environment, you can consider eco-friendly glasses like bamboo sunglasses. Our low minimum quantity sunglasses will ensure that even if you are planning something on a smaller scale, you can still make heads turn with the best sunglasses while staying within your budget.

  • Looking for some fun models? Pinhole sunglasses or lens imprinted sunglasses will make a great option to leave a hypnotic spell on your audience. The logo can be placed on the lenses in different areas for visibility

Oahu Pinhole Lens Sunglasses - Navy Blue

  • Get your logo and artwork imprinted on the inside or outside arms depending on how subtle you wish your message to be! Inner arm printing is a great way to leave your mark in social media. Print a website address, branded hashtags or twitter handles to increase engagement.
  • Matte finish frames looks great with metallic printing and really makes your logo pop!
  • Full translucent frames are fashionable and exude a clean look. A full color artwork will stand out nicely from these frames.
  • Add a pair of super cool custom sunglasses everyone will want to wear to your event swag bags to make the event all the more popular. Sports sunglasses with a form fitting shape and classic colors like grey and black will make a fabulous choice to consider.
  • Two-tone Sunglasses will impress the audience and set a perfect backdrop for your message. This will also go well with any color theme of your event.

Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses w/ 12 Colors

  • Silver Oahu Sunglasses is another trending model to consider. It will look good in those home coming snapshots and will make the students overnight stars in social media .

For more ideas, reach out to our product team to make sure that your school spirit swag turns out the best