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Custom Sunglasses Make Top Handouts For The Staycation Trends

With the pandemic still lurking around, it is likely that this year’s vacation season is going to be a truncated one for most people. As the likelihood of people traveling is pretty slim now, people may opt for staycations and holiday breaks closer to their home turf.


Retailers that wish to tune their marketing strategies to current conditions will find custom sunglasses a great handout . Staycations will satiate their holiday cravings and will enable the tourists to fill their leisure time with fun activities.

Custom sunglasses will encourage people to get outside into the sunny outdoors and have some fun even while practicing safe social distancing and wearing facemasks. Sunglasses will add a pop of fashion and colors to their outdoor persona all the while protecting their eyes from UV exposure.

Pool parties

Most millennial families have backyard swimming pools. Hosting a pool party by the poolside with a cold drink and a favorite book is a great holiday idea. They can even customize sunglasses with their party artwork and anthem to be handed out to their friends or family as reminders. The low minimum advantage will help anyone  to order these beautiful handouts even for small groups. Spice up the party with backyard cookouts and water balloon fights for kids.

Polarized sunglasses will make a great choice as these will reduce the glare and the light reflected off the water surface and keep the eyes relaxed. Everyone will love to remain in the pool all day when they have these fabulous eye protection sunglasses on hand.

Polarized Malibu Sunglasses

A Weekend at the Beach

Summer staycation around the beach is another option.  Holiday planners or beach resorts planning a staycation for such demographics can consider imprinted sunglasses as handouts. Make sure to include kids sunglasses and UV resistant sunglasses for adults in your promotional mix to cater to the family audience. These logo sunglasses will protect the entire family during their beach staycation while keeping your logo on full display!

Printed Kids Dark Wood Grain Iconic Sunglasses


Outdoor leisure activity providers can promote camping staycations to infuse some enthusiasm to their business. UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses will make a superb handout to get your message across, while your recipients will have a perfect souvenir of their holiday back home. Some of the other models that can be considered include color changing sunglasses or foldable sunglasses that will earn easy attention for its unusual design.

Two -Tone Malibu Sunglasses with Black Frame

Staycations allow people to unplug and beat a retreat from the mundane without traveling, booking flight tickets and packing large travel bags. Holidaying closer to home has become a safe and feasible option in the wake of the pandemic when international travel is not possible.

Marketers can make use of the incredible popularity and the relevance of staycations in today’s world by offering staycation packages and custom handouts that will take their promotions to the next level.