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Custom Sunglasses Combo Sets – Something Special For Everyone

Custom sunglasses combo sets will make a versatile promotional and party gift idea alike. The tastefully designed combo pack includes a microfiber pouch, wiping cloth and or many more along with premium quality sunglass.

You can pick any of the combo options to enhance the value of your custom sunglass gifts.

Customized Jupiter Sunglass Package: Let your recipients break free from the conventional style with this Jupiter ensemble. This combo set includes Jupiter matte aluminum UV protected sunglasses, a 360L black hard clam shell case and black RIS eyewear retainer. The CCDP-Silver cleaning cloth drawstring pouch can also be customized for enhanced brand exposure. These make great options for outdoor promotions and as promotional gifts. Your customers will not just look good in these stylish sunglasses but will also stay safe from the risks of eyelid skin cancer, cataract and macular degeneration.Customized Jupiter Sunglass Package

Scavenger Sunglass Ensemble : Personalized scavenger sunglass ensemble comprises of maroon scavenger metal sunglass, 360 L black hard clam case, and CCDP black cleaning cloth with drawstring pouch. These will make great choices as both corporate gifts, promotional items and even as party favors and gifts. Advertisers who are considering elite gifting options will find this combo item a perfect pick. Imprint your brand and message on these and see how these logo items will keep your brand right in front of your audience quite literally! Your recipients will love the celebrity look that these sunglasses ensure while your brand gets a fair share of publicity on these drop dead gorgeous shades.Personalized Scavenger Sunglass Ensemble

Custom Printed DW Sunglass Package: This combo package comprises of DW driver wrap matte black metal sunglass, 360-Black clamshell case, and KS cleaning cloth. These UV sunglasses are perfect for sports and lifestyle activities and everytime your customers soak up fun outdoors, your brand will become a talking point. Great publicity at low investment, DW sunglass package will literally make your brand the eye candy of everyone.Custom Printed DW Sunglass Package

Gold Sunglass Package: An elegant gift option for all the outdoorsy clients and employees out there. This package includes sunglasses with black plastic frame, UV (400) protected rainbow lens, black micro fiber pouch and hard case presented in a very nicely packed outdoor gift box. These are great to promote sports leagues, concerts , golf holiday and more. Imprint your logo or message on these and see how these stunning shades will draw the attention of everyone towards your business message.Customized Gold Sunglass Package

Still thinking? Custom sunglass combo gifts will make a value added gift that your recipients will find useful for a very long time. When sunglass in itself makes an irresistible gift idea, imagine the impression that these combo gifts can have among your audience. The best part is that the marketers can get their logo imprinted on both the sunglass as well as the combo sets to ensure double brand exposure.

Let your recipients flaunt their style and your brand alike with these drop dead gorgeous combos gifts. Shop right away.