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Custom Sunglasses- Gifts That Will Mean A Lot To Your Audience

Sunglasses are not just stylish accessories but make a handy protection against UV risks. Reports show that around 22 million Americans over the age of 40 have cataract, mostly caused due to overexposure to the sun’s rays. Businesses can easily protect their customers with custom sunglasses that double up as a unique way to showcase your brands. Sunglasses can be easily customized with your artwork. message or tagline to make it unique and interesting. The best part is that sunglasses make perfect handouts for all types of events like milestone celebrations, tradeshows or mailer campaigns thanks to its compact design and budget friendly features that make it a special hand out for every occasion.

Your brand on a pair of trendy imprinted sunglasses will remain in plain sight of everyone who sees it and engage the audience with your brand in a subtle yet effective way. You can imprint your brand and message on the arms or the lenses of sunglasses to get the most out of your promotion.

Eco friendly  models

Recycled Custom Rubberized Sunglasses made of recycled materials will make an inspiring gift to your audience because of its stylish contour along with ecofriendly credentials. Offered in an assortment of 8 colors, these sunglasses will grab easy attention of everyone around and your brand will get the spot light.

Best Value | Custom Rubberized Sunglasses

Promotional Plastic Sunglasses is another recycled model in sunglasses. Offered in a mindboggling range of 16 colors, these logo items will make great promotional gifts to promote your brand with a difference.  Well suited as wedding favors, fraternities and more, these stylish sunglasses will leave behind a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Promotional Plastic Sunglasses Custom Imprinted

Sports Sunglasses: Made of recycled material, these fashionable sunglasses are offered in one- size-that fits most adults. The best part is that your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation. Well suited for sports events and game days, custom sports sunglasses will take your brand popularity into the next level with ease.

Custom Imprinted Sports Sunglasses - One Color

UV 400 sunglasses

No matter whether you are out in the sun or snow, the intensity of UV risks is always high.  Interestingly snow reflects more UV rays that most other surfaces, which makes it important to wear UV resistant sunglasses during winter.

Wave Rubberized Imprinted Sunglasses will grab easy attention with its unique wave pattern. Made from recycled and rubberized plastic material, these sunglasses offer complete protection from UVB and UVA components. Offered in different color choices, these attention grabbing sunglasses will make a  high utility gift that your recipients will cherish for a long time.

Wave Rubberized Imprinted Sunglasses w/ 7 Colors

Classic Style Party Sunglasses will keep your recipients safe from UV rays when they are outdoors.  Ideal as wedding favors, family reunion handouts and party gifts, these sunglasses that keep the eyes safe from UV risk will have a long retention and your brand on these will get a wide angle display for a long time as well.

Custom Imprinted Classic Style Party Sunglasses Green with Green

We have a lot more interesting models to consider in custom sunglasses. Browse our collection and choose models that will cater to your needs.