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Sunglasses – Add A Fashion Quotient To Make Your Brand Promo Stand Out

Sunglasses are not just functional wear for the eyes but have evolved to be fashion accessories that everyone will love. Offered in a range of shapes and styles, sunglasses have come a long way since its nondescript origin. Innovative designs and brilliant colors of sunglasses offer a lot of promotional scope for marketers to reach out to the mass market to appreciate their brands.

Unlike the past when sunglasses were the privilege of only the fashion forward and the stylists, today it has become a popular accessory  for everyone to ensure a quick makeover and grab easy attention in the social media. Sunglasses with logo have set off a fashion trend, similar to the branded T shirts rage and this has opened a flood gate of branding possibilities for the marketers to position their brand and to share their messages to their audience. A trendy pair of shades will make a hot banter topic in the friends’ circles of your recipients, which in turn will get your message a secondary audience much wider than what you thought.

The sunglasses industry is a versatile and ever changing industry that has kept its pace to cater to the changing consumer attitudes and fashion preferences. People like to show off their fashion sense in Facebook and Instagram and they find custom sunglasses really exciting gifts to consider. Models like Blue brothers sunglasses inspired by musicians have created a niche among people of every genre.  Sunglasses offer ample imprint space on their frames and even lenses to create an unusual and enigmatic look.

Here are some of the classic sunglass models that you will find interesting any day

Miami Visor Sunglasses:  How cool it is to have a pair of sunglasses that double up as a visor for backyard events, and parties? These UV400 sunglasses offer a generous imprint on the arms for you to position your brand and message. Put your brand on a sporty display on these stylish sunglasses that are here to stay for a long time.

Promotional Logo Miami Visor Sunglasses

Translucent Riviera Sunglasses Offered in a range of colors like Blue, White, Orange and Green color options, these UV resistant, trendy, unisex sunglasses will grab a lot of attention. Personalize these with your brand and message to make it a walking talking billboard for your brand that turns heads!

Promotional Translucent Riviera Sunglasses

San Remo Serengeti Sunglasses feature titanium and acetate frame with 555nm polarized lens. These UV protected custom sunglasses will leave your audience simply delighted and your brand on these will grab easy limelight as well.

Custom San Remo Serengeti Sunglasses

Which fashion sunglasses are you planning to make your promotional gift this season? Share your thoughts with us at our facebook page.