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 Custom Sunglasses- Long Lasting Brand Reminders on a Budget

Sunglasses exude charm and elegance and  can turn even a low key dressing style into something elegant. Available in a wide range of models and colors, custom sunglasses offer something special for everyone. So, even if you have an audience group as  diverse as chalk and cheese, that includes people of all age groups, different demographics and preferences  sunglasses will make  safe bet to get your message across.


High visibility

In this digital world of online promotions and social media marketing, promotional products like sunglasses still hold a prime place in the marketing plan for businesses. Custom sunglasses make a tangible reminder of your brand that will get your audience engaged with your business in a subtle yet powerful way. After all, everyone needs a pair of sunglasses to accentuate the outdoor style, stay safe from UV rays and stay fashion forward. So, can there be a better way to display your brand than these  accessories?

Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

Limitless options

There is a wide variety of options in custom sunglasses to choose from. Even within the same price range, sunglasses can vary in a myriad of ways, so it’s easy for marketers to hand pick a model that best suits their budget and promotional theme.

Versatile and fashion forward as giveaways, sunglasses are available in various models like navigator sunglasses, UV resistant Malibu sunglasses, quirky party staples like bottle opener sunglasses and so much more. If you are trying to highlight your brand’s environment friendly attributes, printed bamboo sunglasses is an excellent way to do so!

Smooth-Touch Matte Sunglasses w/ 18 Colors

As  Promotional Gifts 

You can reward your customers and clients with quality branded sunglasses after every purchase or during milestones and special sales. It will surely make your prospects well pleased and ensure a great reason for them to follow and support your brand long terms. Plus, sunglasses remain in plain sight of everyone around. Hence your message imprinted on sunglasses will turn into a popular talking topic in the social circles and friends groups too.

Rainbow Malibu Sunglasses

As fund raising items

Sunglasses win hands-down as fund-raising items that will never fail due to  the low cost advantage of these accessories. Functional and fashionable, custom sunglasses will get sold off like hot cakes, while you raise funds for the social cause you support. Your volunteers and patrons will indeed be inspired to show off these sunglasses to highlight their social commitment.

Rubberized Customized Sunglasses

Trade show swag

Big business events like trade shows draw a large audience and these budget friendly giveaways make a perfect choice to reach out to your attendees and make your first hand shake truly special. Your logo and message imprinted on these stylish shades will continue to inspire and remind people around about your message for a long time even after the event.

Classic Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

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