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Imprinted Sunglasses- Proven Giveaways to Retain Customers

Not all promotional giveaways are alike! Marketers looking for a promotional gift to retain their existing clientele will find custom sunglasses a safe investment. These proven winners will help them attain their promotional objectives by impressing the existing customers and enhancing their brand loyalty.


Studies have found that making new customers will  cost  businesses 5 times more than retaining an existing customer. Custom sunglasses  create  meaningful connections with your customers and make them feel valued. Rewarding loyal customers with popular gifts like imprinted sunglasses will create a sense of pride for being associated with your business and will encourage them to refer your brand more often.

Tinted Lenses Rubberized Sunglasses

Often a well customized pair of sunglasses makes an interesting conversation topic in friend’s circles and even social media. So, your message imprinted on these stylish shades is all set to reach a wider audience beyond the primary recipients.Since printed sunglasses are well retained and seldom discarded , your thank you message or brand logo imprinted on these will remain in plain sight of the audience for a long time.

Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses w/ 12 Colors

 Create a sense of unity

Sunglasses imprinted with your brand and message make an effective way highlight team spirit and create a sense of unity within your team members.Get sunglasses in your corporate colors  imprinted with your logo and artwork to bring your employees together during team events, corporate game days and more. It is a great way to foster the warm relations and the  positive work culture in your organization.

Navigator Sunglasses

Enhance  brand reliability

By having your own branded accessories like sunglasses, you can easily enhance your customer’s confidence by highlighting your professional image and brand reliability. Plus, customers may also view employees in branded accessories as brand ambassadors and experts in their field. The enhanced acceptance of the employees among the customers will in turn boost the competence of your employees and the trust of the customers alike. Win-win!

Malibu Foldable Sunglasses

Show that you care

Outdoor events like trade shows or corporate golf weekends will all set a perfect backdrop for the employees and clients to wear custom sunglasses. These stylish accessories imprinted with your brand will gain easy attention from the spectators and make a fabulous way to show them that  you’re a brand that cares.

White Frame Classic Sunglasses w/ 9 Colors

Printed sunglasses are versatile and budget friendly handouts  to promote your company and to leave a statement in your local community. Browse our complete line of custom sunglasses in a wide range of models and price rates to choose an appropriate model that will create a powerful branding impact during your forthcoming events.