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Customized Sunglasses For  Corporate Golf Weekends

Golf is one of the best ways to enhance business networks and make new leads. Hosting a corporate golfing day will make not just a great team building activity for your crew, but doubles up as a great marketing tactic as well!

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Share some time with your clients and prospects in a relaxed setting of the greens, beyond the boardrooms! It will go a long way to improve relationships and enhance conversion success. It also means that your brand will get the undivided attention of your audience for a few hours than a short business phone call!  Your clients will have a lot of fun plus a healthy dose of your marketing message without the nagging sales pitch. Win – Win!

Why sunglasses make a great team apparel accessory

As a corporate golf day is happening away from the office, your professionalism will be judged by not just the success of the event but also the professional appearance of your team members. Choose sunglasses that match your brand color and the apparels of the team for added effect.  Not just for the golfers, you can even hand out these imprinted sunglasses for your guests as well to promote your brand around the golf course.

Shades for the sunny greens!

Players will be spending a long time in the sunny outdoors. The golfers may  need a pair of good quality UV resistant sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful , invisible UV rays of the sun, which can cause cataract , skin cancer and other diseases on a long term.

A pair of shades will also make the team stylish and the crowd’s favorite. So, leave nothing to chance while picking up custom sunglasses for your corporate golf weekend. Remember, your team will make the best brand ambassadors for you during the day!

Here are some sunglasses models that you will find interesting

Malibu sunglasses: UV resistant and trendy, Malibu sunglasses will look good on any face type. Make it personalized with your message or imprint and make heads turn!

Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses: Keep the glare off the ball while getting all the attention, these stylish shades will let the team make their perfect putt! Your brand on Polarized sunglasses will get a lot of eyes on the greens and beyond!

Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses: The tight wrap style and the macho frames  will give sport sunglasses a character of its own. Make it your custom apparel accessory on the golf weekend and spread the word – in true style!

Imprinted MVP Sport Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses: Bring in a pop of color and style to the greens with these sunglasses. Designed to look cool on anyone , mirrored  sunglasses will add the much desired contrast to the scene. Comfortable and stylish these shades will make the team look great on their golf weekend snapshots as well. Did we say that they will surely love to share it in their Instagram and your brand gets a wider audience?

Imprinted Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

We have a lot more models that are appropriate for golf days. Explore our collection of custom sunglasses and leave a lasting impression!