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Customized sunglasses for study tours!

Customized Sunglasses for Study Tours!

You’re probably wondering about planning some study tours from your college. Student trips are often destined to public places where they can meet and greet a lot of people. Well, if you want to promote your college, this is the perfect opportunity!

Now you may think about some products that could promote your college in a flash; you got to choose nothing but flashes! Get customized sunglasses for your college promotions on study tours and let others get to know about your college! Print your college name and logo on these customized sunglasses and hand them out to your students just before they march out to their study tours. Your students will wear these sunglasses all day while having fun in the study tour and the people around will register your college name in their mind. Gain more brand exposure by using customized sunglasses and make your college number one in town!

Now if you are looking for some cool varieties, just scroll down!

Abstract Colorful Lens Imprinted black Oahu Sunglasses


Abstract colorful lens imprinted black sunglasses is a well-designed fashion accessory, which you can count on, no matter what happens! It will add a shine to your outfit and will let you feel confident. It can be an awesome giveaway for your study tour! You can gift away a truckload of these sunglasses to all your students and make the study tour a colorful one!

Promotional Printed Peace Neon Sunglasses


Neons are personal favorites for teenagers. And Logo imprinted promotional peace neon sunglasses can take it to the very next level. Your teen students would love these shades! Imprint your school/college logo on to these sunglasses and pass it on to your students just before you kick start your trip!

Customized Translucent Sunglasses


For those teens who love attention, these sunglasses are perfect. These sunglasses can easily let you get noticed amongst the crowd because of its translucent filter. These colorful glasses can be teamed with matching colored dresses and they look cool on anyone. These flashy shades can promote your educational institution anywhere you with its vibrant colors. Get translucent sunglasses now!