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Everything you need to know about Metal and Plastic sunglasses

Sunglasses as promotional gifts are quite popular because firstly everyone loves these trending freebies that will enhance their style and secondly sunglasses are something everyone uses all round the year. The promotional gift market is inundated with custom sunglasses of all possible types including the most popular models of metal and plastic sunglasses.Custom Imprinted Navigator Sunglasses

Metal sunglasses like navigator sunglasses have always been a rage among promotional gifts. Custom imprinted navigator sunglasses make a unique style statement that will never go out of fashion. Imprint your logo and message on these to promote your business at easy rates. Bulk orders carry attractive discounts and cash savings as well.

Custom sunglasses with plastic frames have a casual charm about it. Oahu and other oversized sunglasses with bright colors or prints are a rage among the youth and fashion savvy. Great for outdoor parties, concerts and fun events, plastic sunglasses will give a wide angle display to your logo and designs.

Here is a comparative guide on the pros and cons of metal and plastic sunglasses for marketers who plan to employ these ever popular custom gifts.

Metal sunglass frames are sometimes likely to get tarnished unlike plastic frames. So, make sure to choose metal bases in natural color as silver and gold metal frames can get tarnished when they are stored in humid places. Metal sunglass frames can dent when you place books or other objects on it or accidentally squat over it.

Flawless Vs contrast
Metal sunglasses have a seamless look than plastic sunglasses as the metal frames are slim and sleek. However plastic sunglasses stand out with their brightly colored frames and lenses. Thus metal sunglasses subtly merge with the dressing style for the users, plastic sunglasses stand out and create a stunning contrast.

Personal choice
Both metal and plastic sunglasses enjoy a massive crowd following as it is a more a matter of personal choice. Metal sunglasses have a tough and masculine look while plastic sunglasses exude a subtle charm of colors and fun.

Budget friendly custom sunglasses that are available in a range of shapes and sizes will make a popular gift item to promote all types of businesses including fashion stores, beach resorts, hotels and more. The generous imprint area of the glasses will highlight your brand wherever they go and will ensure regular impressions and the much desired portability to your logo.

UV protection features will give an added advantage to custom sunglasses as your users will love to wear these handy sunglasses during outdoor concerts, beach events and picnics among others to get your message out in style. Now that you have a fair idea on what to look in custom sunglasses before sealing these deal, finding an appropriate logo gift in sunglassville will be a breeze.