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Smart Tips To Wear Colored Sunglasses Without Being gaudy

The classic choices in sunglass lenses are black, grey or brown, alright. But when you are in a party, you need a few strokes of brilliant colors to enhance your dressing style and the party mood in general. So designers have come up with trendy and flashy sunglasses with colored lenses that have become a hype in fashion circuits. Be it the Hollywood icons, average people or kids, these colorful sunglasses look good on everyone and will complement their casual dressing style or the seasonal colors and the outdoor fun around.

Choose from a range of custom sunglasses with brightly colored lenses including those in shades of blue, green, pink, violet or an assortment of colors. So, how to pick up the right pair of sunglasses with colored lenses that will cast a hypnotic effect on everyone. Here are a few tips

Complement the eye or hair colors
If you have been scouting for party favors for your family reunion or for the weekend party, pick up sunglasses with lenses that complement the color of the hair or eyes of your guests, though it is not practical at all times. If you are expecting a mixed crowd, settle for your favorite colors or the party theme. After all there is no harm in being a bit outlandish at times

If you are hosting a themed event, make sure to settle for sunglasses in the color of the party theme. It will create a magical appeal to all those snap shots and the best part is that it will give a feeling of unity for your audience.

Looks matter
Most colorful lenses are meant for fashion rather than function. So, these colored lenses will look good on the dance floors and party nights and not on a day out in summer. Shades of yellows and pinks are only indoors while black and brown with UV features will be the best choice for a sunny day out.

Here are some sunglasses with colored lenses from our collection, which will readily sweep you off your feet!

Rumpled Abstract Colorful Green Customized Oahu Sunglasses : Stunning as an abstract painting, these sunglasses in cool green shades will make a great bet for St. Patrick’s Day parades, green themed events or for nature protection campaigns and activities. Imprint your logo and message and see how quickly your message spreads far and wide.Rumpled Abstract Colorful Green Customized Oahu Sunglasses

Translucent Sunglasses Translucent sunglasses with colored lens will make a great choice to reach out to any demographics. Advertisers who are working in constrained budget can always order these sunglasses in bulk and seek favorable benefits in the form of discounts and improved brand value.Translucent Sunglasses

Custom Oahu pinhole lens sunglasses – Sporting a unique lens sticker, these sunglasses will make the ultimate crowd pleasers for festive parties, holiday promotions, night clubs, wedding parties and more. The unique pinhole design will give these sunglasses an interesting identity in party circuits. Put in your logo and message and you are all set to rock the party!Custom Oahu Pinhole Lens Sunglasses - Navy Blue

Sport your favorite colors sans the risk of being an eyesore with these masterpieces from sunglassville and enjoy the applause that follows!