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Experience Call of The Wild with Zebra Wild Life Sunglasses

Lion, giraffe, bears, tigers, leopards, big cats and now herds of zebras! Oh my!

Zebra wild life sunglasses are becoming popular with all those who wish to look like a wild horse (read zebra) on prowl!

Zebra Wild Life Sunglasses

Why zebra print sunglasses are going to be your best fashion decision this fall?
Because –

  1. An animal printed sunglass is that magic wand, which can easily transform the old standbys in your wardrobe to interesting fashion pieces.
  2. Mascaras, false eyelashes, and eye liners were all here, whenever you expected them to work wonders of over eyes still animal print sunglasses are rocking. The reason is -an animal print “really calls attention to the area” where you’re wearing it”– as chipped by Jennifer Uglialoro, spokesperson for retailer H&M that.
  3. Animal print sunglasses are your ticket to world of high fashion without splurging lots of money. You can match them with any dull or bright colored clothes in your wardrobe and you can wear them from spring into fall.
  4. Zebra inspired printed sunglasses stand for fun and makes you appear less formal.
  5. As usual, animal patterns rub that feeling of luxury on a user and they denote a sense of richness without annoying a viewer or user or even disturbing the jungle equilibrium.
  6. Zebra pattern sunglasses are for all those who love to have fun, still wish to get saved from UV rays as well look wild and hot at all times.
  7. Animal magnetism never fades. Fashion styles ping on safari in every few years because this look is wild, hot, classic and at the same time looks very fresh and in-tune with the trends.
  8. Custom sunglasses look great with all black hanging in your closet. Or you can team them with this falls hottest hue-red, pinks and orange.
  9. Animal printed accessories are highly sexual, outgoing and overpowering. You cannot help noticing them.
  10. Animal prints show your support for the environment. According to Dennis Meritt, assistant director at the Lincoln Park Zoo – “By wearing these patterns, people may be trying to become closer to nature”.Meritt adds that we get drawn to different animals for different reasons and color patterns strongly form one such reason of our polarization. It is human tendency to get attracted to animals with black and white contrasts such as zebras, pandas, etc. People find such animals gentle and intriguing at the same time.Conclusion -People who see you wearing these black and white contrast zebra sunglasses may find you gentle , yet beastly chic!

Zebra Inspired Printed Sunglasses

Do’s and Don’t’s while wearing zebra wild life Sunglasses

  • Avoid wearing them with heavily animal printed attires.
  • Avoid wearing them with contrast animal prints such as tiger printed jackets, leopard printed tops, etc.
  • Team them with neutrals: black, white, khaki, and gray.

Wishing you a happy fall season with zebra print sunglasses!