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Popular Winter Sunglasses 2013-2014

When the earth is slowly getting colder, you cannot play fool by leaving warm clothes and pair of sunglasses at home, isn’t it?! Yes, a pair of sunglasses becomes a must-have who wishes to enjoy a comfortable outdoor stay.  With fall coming to end and winters about to start, you should start preparing to protect your eyes with any of these custom sunglasses patterns.

Custom Printed Cannes Sunglass

  • Blues Brother Sunglasses – Black
    You might be mistaken for a singing sensation from 80’s or a Blues Brother Clone. We’d say it’s an indulgence worth trying because its going to host you into limelight as well offer complete UV400 protection. Give it a higher priority if you wish to indulge in skiing and other outdoor sports over ice.
  • Cannes Sunglasses
    You can easily be a center of attention by wearing them during a party or during a outing. Grey lens with large black temples and stylish rimless frames make it a best bet for a winter wear. Be assured that you are 100% UV protected!
  • Maverick Sunglasses
    Hunting for shades to hide a party hangover during winters? Then you should hang by Maverick sunglasses. This 70’s inspired- aviator steals attention with its oval – esque shape and smoky-brown lens accentuated by elegant gold aviator style frame spells magic. Offers 100% UV protection. You can easily team it with velvet blazers or cashmere-line alligator gloves, if you wish to look in tune with winter celebrations.
  • Serengeti Medium Aviator Sunglasses
    Who says elegance is a virtue of a handsome? After seeing this aviator sunglass you can say “elegance is a virtue of choosing right things at the right time”. And there are very fewer choices as Serengeti medium aviator sunglasses, which can easily make you appear elegant, fashionable and UV protected in oncoming winters. Polarized lens accentuated with shiny gunmetal frames makes it a one favorable winter sunglass.
  • Sprint Sunglasses
    Close fitting wraparound + polarized lens may sound like a fire and cracker in your winter wardrobe. Sprint sunglass is a perfect choice for a winter sunglass because it fits easily around eyes and offers protection from UV rays. If you are looking for a visual acuity and style at a go, then pair of sprint sunglasses is a perfect bet! Best for skiing expeditions and other lazy outdoor indulgences on any foggy day.Sprint sunglasses package is offered with a vinyl case with zipper case. If you love your family and friends and wish to acknowledge them on your Christmas party, then spring sunglasses package is a best bet.
  • Diva Wrap Metal Sunglasses
    Silver frame with outdoor/indoor lens and 100% UV protected are the prominent features that makes them your best buy this winter. Diva wrap metal sunglasses go best with dark cardigans and pull-over. Hit out your peers by wearing them to winter dance parties!

Enjoy your winters like never before by indulging with any of the feisty pair of sunglasses mentioned here or otherwise!