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Free Shipping Sunglasses- The Smartest Deals That You Cannot Miss Out

Let’s be frank about it! Free shipping is one thing that Americans simply love! Be it a bonus, an entitlement or anything that falls in between, free shipping has been a major factor in influencing the shopping habits of people. Studies show that nearly half of transactions that happen every year involve free shipping, and 61 percent of consumers choose marketers depending on whether they offer free shipping or not, according to a recent comScore survey.


When free shipping is stirring up a lot of interest everywhere, how can we at sunglassville not offer free shipping to our clients? Check out our free shipping offer for quantity as low as 5000 pieces for marketers to help them get ready for the holiday season promotions, party gifts and Halloween treats. Now it is the best time for you to buy promotional gifts for everyone in your list without having to penny pinch! Check out the irresistible free shipping offers on some of the trending custom sunglasses that we have rolled out in anticipation of the busy holiday season ahead.

Malibu sunglasses: Sun friendly, chic and always in demand, Malibu is the last word in fashion and functionality. For marketers who are looking for a trendy gift idea, goodie bag item or Halloween treat item will all find these logo sunglasses a super choice. The countless color choices and price options will make it easy for you to choose custom Malibu sunglasses in your theme. These promotional sunglasses can be availed in several vibrant colors and the lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection while the recycled SAN material construction will give these sunglasses the much desired green theme. You can give away these custom printed Malibu sunglasses during weddings, family celebrations, corporate picnics, community events, sports events, tradeshows or at park districts. It is sure to become a staple in your recipient’s wardrobe because the sunglasses look trendy and stylish at all times.Custom Imprinted Metallic Malibu Sunglasses

Rubberized sunglasses: Light weight, water resistant and drop dead gorgeous- What more can you expect from any sunglasses? Being offered at such incredibly low prices, you will be able to source these UV protected promo shades for mass distribution. If you are gearing up for a corporate event, tradeshow, individual celebration or business convention, you can order these custom rubber sunglasses for value building. These sunglasses are born crowd pleasers and dialogue starters that will not only get people talking, but also help them to enjoy their time under the sun! These go getters will set off word-of-mouth publicity for your brand and keep your message well in their banter sessions for a very long time.Customized Smooth-Touch Matte Sunglasses w/ 18 Colors

Printed lens sunglasses: These lens imprinted sunglasses will keep your brand the eye-candy of not just your recipients but everyone around! These make great choices for promoting businesses, causes and for building goodwill. Your party guests and event attendees are sure to get moving with these colorful sunglasses and they are going to wear these imprinted lenses not just at your event but many other events as well.Personalized Wedding Favor Lens Imprinted Sunglasses with Assorted Colors

Browse our free shipping section for more deals as we have offers for kids sunglasses, classic sunglasses, party sunglasses and more. Does it sound too good to be true? Check it out right away and get ready to be swept off your feet! By the way, did you like our free shipping offer? Leave a comment and share your shopping experience with us.