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How Custom Sunglasses Keep your Prospects safe and your Brand Visible

Promotional sunglasses can associate your brand with a healthy promotion. The UV resistant lenses will keep the eyes of your recipients safe from sunlight while your brand gets a perfect display.

People on-the-go will definitely appreciate receiving a free pair of sunglasses from you. What’s more? With the glossy branding these stylish accessories offer, anyone will have a look at your logo every time they venture outdoors.’


These fancy accessories take your marketing game to the next level because of their dual purpose of fashion and functionality.  Versatile and popular, custom sunglasses can be used as marketing tools in specific events, campaigns, and even special occasions or parties. Print any message you wish on the arms or lens to add an element of surprise!

As thank you gifts

Thanking your valuable customers and VIP clients doesn’t cost your business a fortune. Sometimes, it only takes promotional sunglasses to send your thank you message to them. Choose from a wide selection of models that can make your kind gesture and thank you note more meaningful.

Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses

Gifts to Celebrate New Beginnings

For most people, New Year signifies new beginnings. Custom sunglasses will create a buzz  not just on the first month of the new year  but all through. Instead of giving a handout that normally sits in a closet or desk to be forgotten about in some time, why not choose promotional sunglasses ? These don’t just work as eye care items but serve a dual purpose to owners  by being a stylish accessory as well.

Imprint your logo or marketing message on these stylish frames to win people’s hearts!  The big plus is that you can design such gifts with your corporate colors for easier brand recall and visibility!

Store promotions

Whether you are in healthcare, transport, real estate, beauty care  or any other niche,  imprinted sunglasses will make a perfect gift for all business verticals. No matter how you wish to employ these popular handouts, sunglasses  will never look out of place , anytime, anywhere.

Whenever your prospects use these or lend it to their friends or co-workers, curiosity and interest on the item will increase  Just have your logo imprinted on  these every- day items to  get instant advertisement and recognition.

Sports Sunglasses

Mailer items

Sunglasses make great mailer gifts thanks to its light weight and compact design. A smart investment for businesses and a well cherished gift for the recipients , sunglasses make win- win for all types of promotions .Print your logo onto these to create more branding opportunities and attract more awe-inspiring benefits for your business!

Customized Sunglasses Classic

Promoting your brand in niche markets makes your business valuable and recognizable.  Custom sunglasses will make a great choice for all the branding needs your business may need.

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