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What Makes Custom Sunglasses Great Fund Raising Items

Custom sunglasses are relatively low cost and effective marketing tools for any business  that wishes  to stay in front of their potential customers. With the ability to print company logo, artwork or contact details, it is easy for you to incorporate these stylish accessories into your overall marketing plan.

Here are some tips on using custom sunglasses for fundraising for your charity, school or community organizations.


Get an interesting tagline

A catchy slogan will pack a punch to your advertising and make it easy to promote your cause . Put on the thinking caps to come up with a tagline that you want your buyers to think about. Your slogan need not tell a full story, but just be sure that it has the right buzz-words to make it hot selling.

Custom Imprinted Navigator Sunglasses

Keep it simple and engaging

Do not try to cram too much information on sunglasses as it will spoil the beauty of these accessories. Make use of the small yet high visibility imprint space on the arms by coming up with some interesting buzz words. The key is to get one thought and make it striking . If you can get the message through in one glance, you’ve made that little accessory pays its way!

Retro Sunglasses


Sunglasses  offer a lot of customization options- Whether you wish it to be colorful or classic, you can go about it. So, when you have versatile handouts like sunglasses as your fund raising items you don’t have to feel restricted in the design or colors.

Choose a color scheme that stands out nicely and is easy to read. The best colors are always well contrasted but not  eye piercing. So, if you have a dark background, opt for a light color for your message and vice versa.

American Flag Lens Imprinted Black Malibu Sunglasses

 Spread The Word

Now that you have custom sunglasses ready on hand, think of selling it to get the maximum advantage. Don’t just think of selling these sunglasses to your group or club members, set a wider target. Everyone will love to support your cause by buying these trendy , everyday accessories.

Not only will they feel good helping you, they will also be proud to wear it or display it to highlight their social commitment! Other businesses might even allow you to leave a small tray of sunglasses on their counter for sale.

Custom sunglasses prices are usually better priced when you order in bulk . So weigh the options to get the best deals. Even if you are unable to sell it in full, you can use it later as sunglasses will never go out of trend.

Panama Sunglasses

 Don’t Sell Cheap!

Set your fund-raising target first and consider how to achieve this. Sell it for a reasonable price so that you can raise the necessary funds for your cause. People are aware that they are being part of a social cause and hence won’t mind spending some money– especially if they are getting a nice professional looking pair of sunglasses for their collection. Remember – no one throws sunglasses away. We bet everyone will have a drawer full of these as sunglasses are collector’s items as well!

Start planning as early as possible so that you can sell these custom products at decent price instead of rushing through trying to get rid of the lot at once.

Good luck with your fund-raising campaign. And if you have more tips share with us on our facebook page