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How Custom Sunglasses make Outdoor Promotional Events Successful

Launching a new business? Planning a trade show or a fun meet with your customers? Fair weather seasons like summer and early fall are the most appropriate time for both online businesses and traditional brick and mortar shops to get the word out and engage their audience with their brand.


Custom sunglasses will make a trending handout for both employees and prospects in  public events to build up name recognition. Ideal for  all types of local events like fairs, concerts, beach events or any other event where a sizable gathering of people is expected, custom sunglasses are available in a wide range of models and price rates as well.

Get your logo and message imprinted on sunglasses to offer your recipients a great reminder of your brand and a tempting reason for them to explore your business.

Imprinted Woodtone Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

If you are planning this kind of street promotion, custom sunglasses imprinted with the pertinent information will make a great way to  a great handout to draw your customers to your point of sale. Free gifts like imprinted sunglasses have a great potential to drive sales by ensuring a targeted promotion and before you know it, your prospects will be engaged and ready to shop.

One of the best options from our line of custom sunglasses is navigator sunglasses. Offered in various colors and  models like mirrored  sunglasses and flat front designs, navigator sunglasses will tug the hearts of everyone with its tear drop shaped lenses and thin metal frame.

Black Frame Navigator Sunglasses

Next time when your recipients wear these sunglasses during a road trip or a picnic, they might just remember the great service they received at your store.  It will be a tempting reason for them to talk and think about your brand more often.

If you have a youth audience and college students as your prospects, sunglasses adorned with your company logo will make a great choice. Every time your recipients strut around the campus wearing these stylish frames they may be promoting your store. These pleasant business gifts are also a nice way to keep your employees happy and loyal.

Printed Island Wrap

Custom sunglasses are a much more effective reward because people misplace  sunglasses often or wish to have a new pair to match their trending dressing style. Budget friendly yet popular, promotional  sunglasses make  a regular fixture for businesses trying to keep their prospectus happy.

Custom sunglasses will allow your recipients to stand out in the crowd while spreading your name well beyond campus. How do you plan to use custom sunglasses in your outdoor promotions; share your ideas with us on our instagram page to get featured.