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 Benefits Of Choosing Custom Bamboo Sunglasses As Promo Giveaways

Sunglasses make an obvious choice in promotional gifts all round the year and the situation is not different even in the holiday season. Apart from adding a wow factor to the holiday dressing style of your recipients, a pair of custom bamboo sunglasses will keep them UV safe and outdoor ready as well. Light weight and easy to distribute, these trendy sunglasses will be a great holiday gift choice on a budget.

Here are some benefits that only a pair of bamboo sunglasses can ensure you!

Printed Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion forward

If you’re seemingly bored of the customary polycarbonate or metal frames, bamboo  frames will be a great experience. Celebrate change  of seasons or milestones in life the best way possible with these unusual frames that will make heads turn. Your recipients will indeed be pleased to get these glamorous  personalized sunglasses as gifts that will transform them to  be a star.

These flattering frames will get a lot of attention that will make your clients and employees incredibly pleased while your brand enjoys a panoramic display. Customize it with fun quotes, artwork and messages to make it look the best!

Highlight the dressing style

As  plastic or poly carbonate frames are brightly colored, it could take away the attention from the face of the users. Bamboo on the other hand, naturally blends with the dressing style and other accessories to enhance your style without the frames stealing the limelight.


Bamboo frames are reusable and recyclable. Only people who wear bamboo frames can say that their glasses are environmentally friendly! These won’t end up in landfills or produce harmful carcinogens when broken down. So, if you are looking for a perfect handout that will not just make your recipients look good but make this planet a better place to live, look no further than these earth-friendly sunglasses.

Made from sustainable bamboo plants, which re-grow on its own, these frames will give you a special reason to feel proud of during your business promotions.

Extremely customizable

Bamboo sunglasses will make a perfect creative canvas for the crafty marketers. Decorate it the you want to create your own custom look.


Durable, long lasting and designed to withstand the elements, these frames will look good for a long time. Your recipients will indeed be tempted to wear their favorite frames for a long time to come  to ensure a long lasting brand promotion.

What made you consider custom bamboo sunglasses as your promotional swag for  your  upcoming holiday events? Share your ideas with us on instagram to join an interesting conversation.