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How Do Sunglasses Protect Eyes From the Sun

Sunglasses have always been popular grab-on-the-go accessories that nobody can resist. However, sunglasses are more than just an accessory in your wardrobe. A pair of UV resistant sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful light rays and keep your eyes comfortable.


Sunglasses are needed not just in summer but all year round. In fact UV radiation is more during winter as snow can reflect UV rays more than other surfaces. So, irrespective of whether  you are a keen snowboarder, soccer player, or beach enthusiast you need sunglasses to stay protected from UV risks and prevent various disease conditions like cataract, cancer and a lot more.

Different Types of Sunglasses Lenses

Custom sunglasses have several types of lenses that are ideal for different purposes. Make sure to Choose a pair of sunglasses with the most appropriate lenses that serve the purpose. See how the different types of lenses work, and how to pick up the right one for you.

Translucent Riviera Sunglasses

Gradient sunglasses

Gradient sunglasses have lenses that are tinted from top-down, which can shield eyes from overhead sunlight while letting more light through the bottom half. These models are well suited for driving as it will keep the eyes cool and safe from sun without compromising on visibility.

Classic Black Gradient Malibu Sunglasses

Mirrored lenses

Mirrored sunglasses have an enigmatic charm that will make you stand out in style while keeping the emotions in your eyes concealed. Ideal for extra bright conditions like the beach, these brilliantly colored sunglasses are extremely photogenic and worth for your instagram pages.

Imprinted Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses have a chemical coating over the lenses applied in a vertical pattern. These are designed to shield the eyes from the glare by blocking horizontal light. Blinding light can cause blind spots and temporary blackouts that could be dangerous for motorists.

When you hand out a pair of polarized sunglasses to your clients, they don’t have to worry about distorted vision from glare while your brand gets a panoramic display. Polarized sunglasses are especially useful for fishing, snowboarding, or driving as these block glare and make these activities safer.

Serengeti Isola Sunglasses

UV resistant sunglasses

Designed to keep UV risks at bay, UV resistant models like Malibu sunglasses are a must to have accessory during all outdoor activities. Available in various models and colors, these sunglasses will get worn every day, thereby giving your brand the much needed exposure.

 Rubberized Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

 Blue light blocking sunglasses

Probably what people need in this post pandemic digital world, more than anything else would be blue light blocking sunglasses. It will keep eyes safe from the bad effects of blue light emitted by gadgets thereby keeping the eyes safe.

It is particularly useful for  people who spend a lot of time in front of the gadgets. So, if you are looking for a perfect giveaway for your remote team you might have come across the best choice now.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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