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How Sunglasses Can Reduce The UV Radiation Effect On Eyes

The invisible ultraviolet rays can harm the sensitive organs of eyes. In high altitude regions, snow slopes, cloudy days and in pools , the risk of UV rays becomes high as these surfaces reflect more rays.UVB and UVA rays can be prevented from causing damage to the eyes by using appropriate sunglasses. It is interesting to note that though eyes occupy less than 2 per cent of the whole body surface area, it is the only organ that allows the penetration of visible light into the human body.

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Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause cataract, macular degeneration, cancer and even temporary vision loss among others. An extreme form of UV damage is snow blindness, which is quite common among skiers and climbers who endure very high UV levels due to high altitude conditions and very strong ground reflection as snow can reflect up to 80 per cent of UV radiation.

Reports show that the UV exposure of eyes go up to double during mid day and when people are outdoors. Now that the spring season is on and the outdoorsy customers are busy planning their camping holidays and picnic, custom sunglasses with UV protection features will make a sensible promotional gift. It will not just promote your message but will highlight the considerate profile of your brand. These logo imprinted sunglasses will show how much you care for the health and wellness of your customers.

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Bolle Molly Sunglasses: Stunning looks meet the UV features to make it a great pair of shades for the outdoors. These custom designer sunglasses feature shiny Black frame with TNS polarized lens and is coming with a case. Customize it with your brand and message and see how these sunglasses will make your brand the favorite outdoor companion for your recipients.

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Malibu Sunglasses with 19 Colors: Let your customers get trendy and colorful to complement the Spring season vibes with these colorful UV resistant Malibu sunglasses. Made using recycled polycarbonate material, these light weight sunglasses will also make an ecofriendly sunglasses during summers, when sun is scorching above head.

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Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses: Kids are more susceptible to UV risks and these sunglasses will make a great choice to keep the little ones safe and chic during outdoor parties and beach holidays. These sunglasses offered in assorted colors offer 100% UV400 protection.

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The times of the day when UV risk is high

UV risk can be really high during the following times of the day.

Morning 8 AM – 10 AM: make sure to stay safe by wearing UV resistant sunglasses and apply sunscreen to stay safe

Mid Day 10 AM – 2 PM: During Mid day, the sun’s rays will fall directly above our heads and the strong sunrays will cause substantial UV radiation damage. Use sunglasses at any cost

Late Afternoon: 2 PM to 4PM: This is the time of the day when sun rays are really scorching and it is recommended to use sunglasses and sunscreen.

Ignorance is not bliss!

A majority of people is not aware of the UV risk damage to their eyes and do not take proper safety precautions. Often simple measures like wearing sunglasses whenever venturing out during day time will prevent the UV risks to a large extent.

UV rays risk is perennial

Your eyes are at UV risk all the 365 days of the year! During winter the risk is even higher as fresh snow can reflect as much as 80 percent of UV radiation. So, just because you do not see the sun or do not feel scorched, it doesn’t mean that you are not exposed to the UV rays.

Wearing UV protective sunglasses can reduce UV exposure risk

UV rays can be prevented from affecting eyes by wearing UV resistant sunglasses.

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