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How Sunglasses Ensure Eye Safety While Skiing

Planning to hit the slopes anytime soon? Make sure to pack sunglasses along with your winter gear before you head outdoors. Often most people forget to ensure sufficient eye protection. Snow can be damaging to your eyes, and wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses will ensure adequate eye protection while enjoy snow activities like snowboarding or skiing .


The cold weather conditions can leads to dry eyes and irritation. Wearing sunglasses will protect the eyes from debris and wind and ensure eye comfort.

Wear UV Sunglasses

Even on a cloudy day, the invisible UV rays prevail in the atmosphere.  UV resistant Malibu sunglasses are a great way to go as it keeps eyes safe and comfortable. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV lighting and glare that can be damaging to your eyes and could hamper  visibility. These also help prevent dust and debris from flying into your eyes.

Since you’ll be traveling at high speed at the slopes, make sure to use a retainer strap to keep sunglasses snugly fit over the eyes without being tossed off. Dropping your sunglasses can lead to you losing them or can cause an accident while trying to salvage it .

Two -Tone Malibu Sunglasses with Black Frame

Custom sunglasses are available in a wide variety of colors and models, which will offer ample choices to match your promotional theme.  Make use of the high visibility imprint space on the arms to get your logo and message imprinted on it to get all eyes on it. A pair of stylish custom sunglasses will make a perfect talking topic among the winter sport enthusiasts on the slopes, which in turn will ensure word of mouth publicity for your message.

Prevent  Snow Blindness

Wearing sunglasses is just as important in winter as much as in summer because snow reflects up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays, which is far greater than the reflection by other surfaces like water, sand or cement. The reflection of sunlight causes an intense glare, which can make it difficult to see clearly and could even burn the outer layers of the exposed eyes.

Outrider Malibu Sunglasses

Skiing locations are typically located at higher elevations in the mountains where there is air between you and the sun to filter out harmful UV rays. So, the risk of UV exposure and the need for wearing sunglasses are considerably higher in high altitudes!

Sprint Polarized Sunglasses

Reflected UV rays can cause snow blindness

UV rays reflected off the ice can lead to snow blindness, which is similar to sunburn on the cornea of the eye, which can cause irritation, dryness and discomfort. The damage caused by snow blindness is often permanent and can increase the risk of cataract later in life.

Wearing sunglasses will also protect the highly sensitive skin of the eyelids by shielding the harmful rays from all directions. A pair of custom UV resistant sunglasses will make a perfect handout in winter – and  throughout the year – for  promoting ski resorts and other winter activities . These can block 99.9% of UVA an d UVB rays, and are available in a wide range of colors and fits to match your preferences.

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