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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Sports Sunglasses

With spring sports season starting up, it’s the right time to think about handy promotional items like custom sports sunglasses for your sports loving audience. Whether it is super bowl, 5k community marathon, baseball leagues or more, custom sunglasses will make a perfect swag for promoting any sporting event. A good pair of sunglasses can help protect the  eyes from short-term and long-term damage caused by outdoor elements like UV rays and dust and debris.


Sunglasses protect against the sun

The most basic reason to wear sunglasses in sports is that these block out the sun and protect  against harmful UV rays. Long term exposure to UV rays can lead to eyelid cancer, macular degeneration and more.

Impact resistant

Light weight and shatter resistant polycarbonate sunglasses protect the eyes from debris and dust flying a bit too close to your face. Wearing an appropriate pair of sports sunglasses will keep the players safe while they are diving for a touchdown or  lung forward  to block a goal.

 Imprinted MVP Sport Sunglasses

Sunglasses boost athletic performance

Nobody can be at their best when they have  got the sun in their  eyes. Getting a pair of sunglasses will ensure that they see everything clear and crisp. For instance during water sports, polarized sunglasses come handy in cutting down on glare and enhancing color clarity.

No matter what sports you are promoting, sunglasses will  ensure eye protection all the while putting your brand on a grand display in front of the players and fans. Just imagine the exposure your brand may get during the sports events, practice sessions and more. It will go a long way in reinforcing the team loyalty of the members and making your team stand out in every sporting event.

Here are some of the custom sports sunglasses that you will find interesting

Turbo Wrap Custom Sunglasses This highly functional pair of sunglasses also doubles up as bohemian fashion accessories that everyone will love. This UV protected sunglass makes a very favorable choice during traveling, game days and beyond. Get all eyes on it by customizing these sunglasses with your logo and message.

Turbo Wrap Custom Sunglass

Sprint Polarized Sunglasses feature matte Black wrap style design with polarized smoke lens. These 100% UV resistant sunglasses are ideal for water sports especially as the polarized design will enhance color clarity and under water visibility alike. Customize it to promote diving and angling events and other sporting days.

Custom Printed Sprint Polarized Sunglasses

Solar Shade Shiny SunglassesDesigned to fit over most prescription eyewear, these sports sunglasses have 100% UV resistant Gray lens and shiny Black frame. The tight wrap design will protect the eyes from dust and sunlight from all angles. Your logo will get a prominent display on the arms of these stylish sunglasses.

Solar Shade Shiny Sunglasses

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