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How To Get Your Prospects Wear Your Branded Sunglasses

Let’s be frank about it! Sunglasses are fashion accessories that everyone will love. However, most marketers often face the challenge of making their customized sunglasses equally popular among their prospects. A shoddy design or a big text will all turn off your audience from these logo items.
Untitled design (3)As sunglasses are useful items, your clients will surely wear any pair you give them. However to maximize your brand impressions, you need to choose the right custom logo sunglasses so that they will likely wear them regularly. Your clients may even pass these off to others if they don’t want to wear them. Thus your message imprinted on these will never go unnoticed!

Printed Retro Spirit Sunglasses

Here are some tips to make your custom sunglasses a rage

Tip#1 Choose trending models

Sunglasses styles change constantly. Make sure to follow the fashion trends closely to choose promotional glasses that are trending. It will give a tempting reason for your audience to wear sunglasses for a long time to come. If you have a mature audience, choose something classic like navigator sunglasses while a youthful audience will find neon sunglasses or novelty sunglasses a great choice.

If you are not sure of how to choose a model that will match your budget, reach out to our product experts. Choosing the right model will ensure the best return on your investment with custom printed sunglasses.

Imprinted Faarel Sunglasses

Tip#2  Be creative in customizing sunglasses

Sunglasses offer imprint space on the frames or the bottom of lenses. The small yet highly visible imprint space can be utilized to its full effect by letting your creative juices flow. Highlight the most creative face of your brand and leave a lasting impression without being on anybody’s face. A small artwork , punchy tagline or a CTA message will all do the trick in getting your audience take note of your message.

 Imprinted Allen Sunglasses

Tip#3 Make your message stand out

Repeating phrases is a great way to pique interest while inspirational quotes and cursive writing style are super trendy these days. Consider the imprint space and place your message accordingly. The message should be so interesting that it makes yet another reason for your prospects to reach out to your custom sunglasses.

Tip#4 Be original

Don’t be afraid to experiment with various types of messaging or artwork; use colors, scribbles and doodles if you think that it will do well with your promotional theme. Never try to copy the style of someone else; it may not work for you.

Imprinted Fashion Sunglasses

Tip#5 Subtle yet strong

You can rock a message without being loud and outlandish. Be subtle in your customization so that the artworks enhance the beauty of the shades and do not make your prospects look like garish display boards for your brand. Try to come up with a catchy design without being overbearing!

Tip#6 cater to your target audience

Make sure that the promotional sunglasses you choose complement the life style of your audience . It will make your handouts more practical. For instance, if you are planning to use custom sunglasses to promote a car dealership or spare part shop, then polarized sunglasses will make a great choice to cater to the needs of your prospects that spend a lot of time behind wheels!

Want to reach out to an active audience? Make Polycarbonate sunglasses your promotional items as these are shatterproof  and are well suited to those who adopt an active life style. Your audience will find these sunglasses highly useful in their everyday life.

Tinted Lenses Rubberized Sunglasses

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