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Malibu Sunglasses VS Rubberized Sunglasses As Wedding Favors

It is celebration time for us at Sunglassville as wedding bells are all set to chime for two of our colleagues, Ella and Sadie, both set to have an outdoor summer wedding in August. Having worked for a long time in the colorful world of custom sunglasses, they seem to have so smitten by the charm of the shades that they chose sunglasses as their wedding favors.

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While Ella picked up Malibu sunglasses as favors for her beach wedding, Sadie preferred Neon sunglasses for her themed wedding. The rest of the team too took sides with both the would-be brides to set off an interesting debate on whose wedding favors were the best for some pure fun and laughter.

See how the debate went on till the evening and by the time it ended we were all in splits literally!

Why Malibu
Perfect for the beach, these custom Malibu sunglasses make trendy wedding favors that will surely turn a few heads! Ella was right in picking up these Malibu sunglasses in 19 colors as her wedding favors as it will infuse specks of brilliant colors to the milieu and will make all those post wedding snaps really colorful. These pretty cool sunglasses made using recycled polycarbonate material is light weight and comfortable and will keep the guests well shaded from the UV rays thanks to its UV400 Lenses that provide 100% UVA And UVB Protection.Personalized Malibu Sunglasses with 19 Colors

Ella is planning to use these attractive Malibu sunglasses as seat markers to make sure that everyone gets their sunglasses without fail. Well, we too felt that it is a cool idea to distribute these sunglasses. She chose to imprint the initials of the couples and a thank you message to make it truly personal. Plus she was happy that these custom sunglasses will look good during the rock n roll party at night and on the dance floors!

Having a tight budget to work with, Ella settled for these budget friendly favors that were easy on her wallet without compromising on the wedding day fun even for a wee bit. Let’s be frank about it. Everyone will like getting these stylish gifts that they can use time and again all through the summer season and even beyond.

Now it was Sadie’s turn to bat for rubberized sunglasses, her choice as wedding favors

Promotional rubberized sunglasses in 25 colors was her choice for her evening wedding were UV protection features were not as important as in the case of the day time event of Ella. These plastic sunglasses are well sought for its trending designs, water resistant features and more that will even let her guests to have a fun time at the pool after the wedding or go for a beach swim. We felt that Sadie can indeed be happy at her choice as these sunglasses will surely bring out the best from her guests.Personalized Rubberized Sunglasses w/ 25 Colors

We could only nod in agreement when she proudly told that the low price factor and the raging popularity of rubberized sunglasses were the two important factors that influenced her choice. When she showed us her lot of imprinted sunglasses that are ready to be distributed, we were sure that these will appease both the young and the young at heart!

So, who had the best wedding favors at the end of the day- was it Sadie or Ella? Our answer is both! Ella and Sadie have the best gift items they could ask for to complement their wedding theme and budget.