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Custom Sunglasses For Every Wedding Theme

Summer weddings have always had a fairy tale charm about it! The brilliant outdoor settings coupled with guests in their summer finery and loads of season themed wedding favors on offer will all make it a cut above the rest. Wedding favors make the biggest crowd pulling factor in any wedding. For couples planning a summer wedding have the biggest and the most diverse choices in wedding favors.

Nothing says a summer wedding better than logo sunglasses. These essential summer wear items not just keep the guests safe from the UV rays of the sun but also make them look good in all those wedding snaps.

Here are some of the custom sunglass models that will complement your wedding theme.

Heading for the woods?
Planning a retro wedding theme like a barn or a cottage wedding? If yes, look no further than these Malibu tortoise sunglasses. A huge hit in all summer weddings, these sunglasses will make a great fashion accessory that will gloss off the looks of your guests with ease. These natural crowd pleasers will complement any wooden hued theme and can be considered for tropical weddings apart from being employed during pool parties or corporate picnics. A retro themed wedding will offer countless possibilities for breathtaking photos and retro details. Shop right away for these Malibu tortoise sunglasses and complement the earthy color theme of your event.Personalized Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses

A beach wedding
Probably the most popular in themed weddings, a beach wedding will add dollops of charm and romance to your big day. Choose from our exciting range of neon sunglasses available in all hues including blue or green that match with the backdrop. You can even choose sunglasses in contrast shades like orange or red to make your guests stand out against the azure waters of the sea. Choices are all yours. Call our product experts for more tips and trends.

Garden themed
Match the vibrant colors of the garden setting with these attractive classic sunglasses. Available in various color combinations including white frame with colors and colored frames and arms, classic sunglasses offer something special for everyone. White Frame Classic Sunglasses with Neon green will make a great choice to consider matching the vibrant palette of colors in the background. Your wedding guests will surely retain these custom items for a long time as delightful wedding souvenirs.Custom Printed White Frame Classic Sunglasses with Neon green

We at sunglassville have an impressive collection of sunglasses that can be used as wedding favors. Also check out our exclusive range of custom sunglasses that go well with every wedding theme in your mind!