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Obvious Reasons That Make Custom Sunglasses A Winter Swag

Most people have  a false notion  that eye protection is less important in winter.  However, the fact is that even in winter, sunglasses have to be used because of UV rays exposure risks.

Sunglasses and summer events may go hand in hand. However, eye care is more important in winter as more UV rays get reflected off the snow surface, causing more damage to the eyes. Consistent exposure to UV rays can cause various conditions like macular degeneration, cataract and more.

Though winter sun rays are not harsh it can still be harmful as much as in summer. Since the sun sets lower in the sky, there is a higher risk of UV exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Do you love winter for its incredible scope to flaunt your sunglasses as much as in summer? So, here are some solid reasons that prove that eyes needs just as much protection in winter as in summer.

Protection from UV Radiation

Generally speaking, sun’s ultraviolet or UV radiations are always present even if the sun’s not shining. The harmful UV rays from the sun cause severe and lasting damage to the eyes. That is why there is a definite need to protect the eyes from these radiations. In case you’re planning a holiday, be aware that during winter, in the snowy region the dose of the UV rays is doubled, first from the sun and the second from the snow’s reflection.

Sunglasses with UV resistant lenses  like Malibu sunglasses and Oahu sunglasses are perfect to wear irrespective of the season of the year to keep the eyes safe from harmful ultraviolet rays. They block 99 percent UVA and UVB rays and allow 75 percent of visible light.

Sunglasses for all activities

Custom sunglasses are not just for  sun protection. Models like Polarized sunglasses  are designed to cut off glare and enhance visual clarity. These can be worn for different activities like skiing, water activities and driving among others. Moreover, polarized sunglasses are available in various fashion forward models as well.

Prevents snow blindness

Certain Snow activities like skiing are done at very high altitudes where UV rays are very strong. It can cause temporary loss of vision due to snow blindness. However, a pair of appropriate sunglasses  can prevent this.

Protection from wind, dust and debris

Eyes are the most sensitive part of a human body. During winter, the wind is colder which leads to evaporation of natural moisture from the eyes to cause dryness. The use of sunglasses will prevent the eyes from outside exposure and from coming in contact with the wind and dust particles.  Close-fitting, wraparound sunglasses are particularly effective to keep eyes safe from wind and dust. Choose from various trendy models and colors to choose your promotional theme.

Now that you have finalized custom sunglasses as your promotional handouts, decide on the art style and a printing option to make it truly unique.